Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Merging back...

That blog break went fast!  Only a few items on my Blog Break To Do list were accomplished.  A couple days into the break, an intense rare September heat wave settled in and as I type, a (hopefully) heat wave breaking cold front is bringing heavy rain outside.  It has lasted that long.

It has been miserable, even with the air conditioner on one could feel the humidity.  Before the heat moved in, I was able to get one set of shelves all cleaned in the garage.  I put on my husband's allergy mask, set the iPad Podcast App to play a couple favorites, and put plastic bags over both hands to get started.

I know... a whole lot of protection for simply cleaning the garage but these were the worst of the shelves, those which were quarter inch deep with mouse droppings.  We had mice everywhere this summer, including finding one swimming in my washing machine (I had my husband put it in a Mason jar and let it loose in the forest... smelling of Charlie's Soap).

Apparently the mice, much like the cold blooded creatures in my front lawn, didn't like the weather.  I told you about them.  I never saw an alligator but it wouldn't have surprised me.  It was a crazy summer of weather extremes.

Anyway, I had to throw away a lot of stuff because of those mice.  So now everything (even on the higher shelves where we hadn't had mice reach until this summer), is carefully placed in protective custody.   At least that worse set of shelves was finished before the heat wave hit.

I did get the Study completely organized as we moved most of my son's stuff from the big bookshelf to his closet in the Study.  We'd agreed we would keep his stuff in it until they move to a bigger house.  But to make room for the other books and stuff, his clothes had to go.  Everything he can still wear went to his current place.  All three trash bags of his "teenage clothes" went to charity. 

While clearing it all out, I found two of my daughter-in-law's "dressy dresses".  Left behind from when we stored some of their things before they moved into their house last summer.  We all got quite the chuckle because my son is built like a football player, imagining him in these tiny glittery dresses.  It still makes me laugh.  She obviously had her dresses returned, too.

All that to report on "What I Did on My Summer Blog Vacation".  Wednesday and Thursday I'll be back with book reviews.  Because they are due now!

Friday, I will pull the number out of the hat (so to speak) and see who wins the beautiful Pantry book.  There is still a chance to win! 

The Give Away post can be found... here.


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Sounds like you did really well on your blog break. We had some mice this summer too which we usually only have during the winter.

Its hot and humid here we are hoping for a cool down this week!


Vee said...

You mean the mouse was doing laps? That IS crazy! Ha! (We have hornets in the basement if that is any consolation. We have to go down several times a day to do hornet patrol and we can not find out how they are getting in.) Anyway, getting your shelf squared away was a good chore done.

It certainly has been hot and humid here. In the 90s again today...phewie. It's after ten and it is still 76° and muggy.

Not easy to merge back in...I think I may have forgotten that I am back myself.

Judy said...

Welcome back, Brenda!

Living on Less Money said...

Glad you are back!:-)I missed your posts!

Debbie said...

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your break, minus the mouse poop of course. ;)

Amanda said...

Welcome back, Brenda! So glad I haven't had to deal with mice this year - but I have battled the ants... I can imagine neither are very fun to get rid of!

Anonymous said...

Oh Good! You're Back! I thought you were taking the whole month off! Glad you were able to get a few of those big projects done, anyway. We've had a mouse problem, too! Yuck!! Never thought they'd want to get in during the summer months! Having a kitty doesn't always help, either, does it? Especially when they're in the cupboards and kitty can't get to them, as was the case with us in the past. Sigh..... Such is life in the country, I guess.
We are enjoying a few warmer days of "Indian Summer", but not as warm as you! The squirrels have been busy and bold around here! Coming up on our deck and peeking in the window! I think one would even come In the house if he could open the door! LOL!
Looking forward to Friday's drawing! Take care and God Bless!
Laura C. (WA)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. It's been a busy few days but I'm finally checking in. Nice to see not one, not two, but three posts to enjoy. Of mice and men ... my hubby puts out the mouse bait boxes around the house and keeps them baited and that really helps keep the mouse population down. We were standing on the deck the other day and saw a big bullsnake crawl into a bait box and disappear. Hubs looked at me with astonishment in his eyes and said he'll have to be a little more careful when opening the bait boxes from now on. I let him deal with all the critters!! Pam (SD)