Friday, September 18, 2015

Hands Free Life: 9 Habits for Overcoming Distraction, Living Better & Loving More... a review

Rachel Macy Stafford has once again written a book in which most women can relate to in their own life.  On her blog and in her previous book, Hands Free Mama, she shared how she was on the path to overcoming such struggles as distraction from her children (as in "putting down the smart phone and other electronic diversions") and perfectionism.

In Hands Free Life, she expands on the subject and shares more insight in to how God is leading her to live better and distraction free.  I don't have children at home these days but it was still an excellent book to read as she reminds us not to be too critical of our shortcomings but to allow God to work in our life.

She divides the book into three sections; Creating Lasting Connections, Living for Today, and Protecting What Matters.  Within these sections, some of the subchapters include sections such as:

  • Fill the Spaces with the Songs of Life
  • Fill the Spaces with Connective Silence
  • Surrender Control to Be Free of Past Mistakes
  • Surrender Control to Fulfill Your Life's Purpose
  • Build a Foundation through Listening
  • Take the Pressure Off to Live Life Fully
  • Take the Pressure Off to Embrace Good Enough for Today
  • Establish Boundaries to Protect Relationships
  • Leave a Legacy to Inspire a Future Generation
  • Change Someone's Story by Responding with Empathy
  • and a whole lot more.
Many times I come away from such books with a "heard that before" attitude and very little true teaching about how to live a better life for myself or my family.  But this book is one that can be read over and over, full of wisdom, abounding in tried & true suggestions, and quite interesting to read.

I highly recommend Hands Free Life, especially to Christian women who still have kids at home but there is a lot here for women whose children have grown.

This book was sent to me by the publisher for review but the opinions are my own.

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Deanna Rabe said...

That is such a challenge for all of us, but I choose to be family present. Not that I am not online but I try to balance the time I am online.
This books sounds very good, and like it would make a nice gift.