Thursday, August 20, 2015

My World this Week

The light is beginning to change to a new season...

A cold front came through last night.  I mean a real honest to goodness cold front.  I shivered as I walked down the gravel lane to pick up the newspaper this morning.  I know it will turn hot again.  The temperatures can soar in September!  But this is the first taste of Autumn...  Can pumpkin spice lattes be far behind?

This week has been full of slow days.  Quite wonderful after all the busy-ness of the last months.  I may be able to pull out my scrapbook journal and work on it soon.  If I do, I will make certain to take photos to share here.

So without further delay, this is what has been going on in my world this past week as seen through the lens of a simple point and shoot camera.


I haven't had time for much in the way of personal reading this week with review responsibilities.  However, I had ordered Sarah Mae's new book with Amazon Credit at a great price and I can tell already I'm going to love it.

Some may know Sarah Mae from co-writing with Sally Clarkson.  You can find more information about Longing for Paris at Amazon... here.*


I listen to the Valley of Vision "album"* on the Amazon Music App on the iPad.  It is beautiful!  Info... here.


Cooking & Baking
I made veggie beef soup even though it was hot outside at the time!
I had cream cheese that needed to be used soon so I made cheesecake to share with the kids.   That same day I made a new batch of chocolate sauce for my husband.  This is what he did with it.  ;)

All but one are thrift store/antique mall finds.
The $3.99 Goodwill purchase.
My very favorite teapot, a gift from Stephanie.

I don't go to Goodwill often these days because, well... I have enough stuff.  But this past week I decided to take a walk-thru and look what I found for $3.99!  The teapot in the middle photo.

It looks a lot like my very favorite teapot, the one my daughter purchased for me as a birthday gift (or was it a Christmas gift?) when she worked at a coffee/tea shop in college.  They both are made by companies in Staffordshire, England.

Actually, everything on the buffet comes from thrifting except one teacup, the July birthday teacup (lower right teacup on first photo) that my daughter bought me when we were at Old Sturbridge Village a long time ago! 

Morning Light

Morning quiet time with Paris tea* and my favorite devotional*.

Her Fluffiness
I had just sat down to write my To Do list in my calendar (the one with the pretty scrapbook paper covering the ugly cover) when who should appear?  I do have photos of her elsewhere but these are the cutest.  She is a little blurry as she was bathing.  ;)

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Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I should mention that there is washi tape on my grocery list because I was testing it to see which I want to use soon on a card. Most grocery lists do not have pretty tape. Although come to think of it, maybe they should?

Anonymous said...

You find the best things at Goodwill and the thrift shops. Love the beautiful teapot. Wish I could go shopping with you (although I don't have room for any more "tea stuff"--it is already overflowing to my office at work.
Yes, fall is on the way--I felt a tinge of of Monday morning here in East Texas--it didn't last long!
Blessings, Sharon D.

mdoe37 said...

I've been "tweaking". A while back you posted pics of a plate with a turkey....which lead me to a set that has a turkey, duck, pheasant and deer on them. And then I spotted a couple china plates with a pinecone bough on them from Goodwill of course. This morning I looked at the french doors where there are plates displayed around the frame and thought.....

now exactly WHY have I NOT hung those "animal" plates there??!!?? Done! (however, the one turkey knockoff plate came from Tuesday Morning...which lead to the real ones, one came from the UK via ebay...Brenda you get me into trouble sometimes!)

I'm also rehabbing the front deck/steps/door. Steps were rotting out and the paint was peeling. New lattice, a couple new boards, ALOT of pressure washing and a couple gallons of paint. I'm tacking lattice right now thanks to the cooler weather today.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for sharing your world with us! I'm feeling a bit melancholy today. Tomorrow I turn another year did I get here so fast? (Early 60's) I realize I have Much to be thankful for, however. We can feel Fall in the air and the angle of the sun is changing, too. Looking forward to a season of cooler temps after our hotest, driest summer. Love your Goodwill finds! You find the nicest treasures! Your soup looks yummy, as does your cheesecake, especially with your hubby's chocolate sauce! Mmmm.... Looking forward to seeing your new scrapbook journal pages! And, why not decorate your grocery list with washi tape! Makes it more interesting to look at, while shopping, anyway, right? Love how Miss Victoria just plops herself on your desk to bathe, as if she owns the place! 😉
Laura C. (WA)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Amazing find on the teapot! So beautiful! I love tea things, as you know, and I have found mine very inexpensively as well.

I need to make time to do my scrapbook journal as well. Perhaps after the wedding is over!

I think pretty washi tape should be used on grocery lists! Everything needs to be beautified!


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Your world is always full of beauty! And I always feel that Miss Victoria has the last word.......

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty buffet. Pretty cups and teapots. You are good at it. We know where Stephanie gets it! Smile. I agree, you seem to have a knack for finding good stuff at Goodwill. How fun it is when we score a find -totally fun! Glad you too are enjoying a first taste of fall. We have had several nice falling days. Pam (SD)

Unknown said...

Lovely! I so appreciate the Valley Of Vision and the music rendition. Especially the first song.
Thank you for the beauty.

Rebecca said...

I have noticed the change in the morning light, too. Autumn can't come soon enough for me. Except for infrequent stops at my favorite thrift shoppe to purchase greeting cards (45 cents each for some of the nicest I can buy ANYwhere), I've pretty much curtailed my t.s. shopping, too. But my! What a lovely teapot, Brenda!

I don't believe I've ever used the Valley of Vision devotional. I wonder if I could find it at a thrift store.... :)

Heather LeFebvre said...

So glad you mentioned Sara Mae's book to me! On order from the library. Also noticed that Emily Freeman has a new book so have put that on hold as well. Lots of good reading ahead. Sometimes it is overwhelming!!! (As you mentioned in the Sunday post)