Friday, June 19, 2015

Garden Photos Late Spring

Apple Mint

Sorry about the lack of posting lately but as with so many of us who live north of the equator... it is full scale outdoor life this time of the year!

We've been experiencing heavy rain and flooding about the last week and a half.  Now the remnants of Tropical Storm Bill have caused concerns but so far it looks like we are far enough north to miss the heaviest downpours.   We will receive rain from the system but not like the southern part of the state.  The forecast is for hot and dry starting around Monday.  The garden can use hot and dry!

I've been able to do some weeding and hoeing and such when an opportunity presents itself.  Not to mention taking some photos earlier this week in between rain showers.  So without further chatting... here is my garden at the moment.

The apple mint has to be cut back completely due to heavy rains bringing on disease.  :(
Lovage, lemon thyme, parsley, and basil.  I may squeeze another basil plant and another parsley in there.  I got smart this year and put a tomato case over the lovage when it first came up!  It survived the brutally cold winter.
Bush beans
Pole beans
Summer squash and one cherry tomato plant
Summer squash getting a close up view
Swiss chard in trouble from heavy rains and an intruder (squirrel?). This part of the garden is shaded.
The kale seems to be fine, though.  It also grows in the shade.
Our "outside the fence" experiment with tomato plants.
One extra cherry tomato plant growing in a large container (yes, I did pour out all that rain water!).

You may have noticed those little yellow thingies all over the place.  We had experienced a big storm the day before and those are "seeds" from a nearby tree.  Once it was dry, they were all hoed up and destroyed.  Yes, the forest is always trying to take back the land!


Mrs.Rabe said...

We've had a lot of rain, too! My garden seems to be handling it okay. The weeds like it, as well!

Take care not to overdo it with the heat that's coming.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Your garden is full of life! I love all the herbs.

Vee said...

Oh my! You have such a big garden! Seeing the kale reminded me that I have seeds that I forgot to plant. Perhaps it's not too late. Hope that you get the sun. Enough rain already. How long does it take you daily to tend the garden? I spend about a half an hour daily on very much smaller beds.

Georgene G. said...

I enjoyed seeing your garden. Our garden is in full swing, too. I'm drying my zucchini to use this winter but I'm having a hard time finding the energy to do any canning. Do you can your extras? Is it hard to can since you don't feel well? I think I might have to give it up!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the photos of your garden! It's looking good! Thanks for sharing! We're having the opposite problem with too little rain in the PNW! June is usually cool and very wet, but this year it has been unusually warm and dry. Didn't realize how much I'd planted until I had to water it all so often! LOL! But I Love home-grown veggies, so it'll be worth it all come harvest time.
Blessings to you!
Laura C. (WA)

Tania said...

Your garden is looking very healthy after the rain. Isn't it amazing how things spring to life after a good soaking? We have just had a nice lot of rain too and were really in need of some as we hadn't received any in a long while. Everything looks so much brighter including the weeds :)

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the outdoors.


Carol said...

What Aaron beautiful garden. (MD)