Thursday, May 28, 2015

My World, Kind of...

Morning light...

There isn't time this week for a real "My World" post so here is an abbreviated version.  You asked me to show you what I bought at Brimfield and for a photo of me at the tea party.

I don't have one of those (since I was taking the photos) but I do have a photo taken with my Granddog.  Let's just say we bonded.  ;)

So here are some quick as a bunny photos.

Sir Charles the Stout and Moi'

I have never been photogenic but these days I tend to hide from the camera.  Over fifteen years of Juvenile Diabetes does no favors for the body.  Add the years and... well.

Brimfield Treasures
I found three pretty vintage cookie cutters for my collection and a vintage red & white hot pad.

I about fainted with a tent entirely of transferware dishes!  I needed a platter and Steph negotiated.  ;)

I bought these on our way back to the car to leave.  Otherwise I would have gone back for more.  They were half price.

The first item I saw and bought immediately!  Yes, there is lots of washi tape, much of it comes in packages containing quite a few rolls.  The larger rolls to the left were purchased individually.  I adore wooden containers and this was perfect for my collection.

Lois' Gift

Isn't this pretty?  My daughter's mother-in-law, Lois, gifted me with this and a box of delicious tea.  I just love it (and her!).  I'd seen one similar in a photo before but I hadn't seen one in person.  It is perfect for tea at the coffee table with a little snack.

Her Fluffiness
Of course I have to include a photo of Victoria.  We were finishing our packing, just minutes away from actually leaving, when we found this in the suitcase.

Note:  Sorry for the use of the flash in a couple of photos.  It has been a rainy week and dark in the house!


Rebecca said...

What lovelies - You and all the goodies :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love your treasures.

Those cookie cutters remind me of the ones we had when I was a girl! I really LOVE your platter, and the wooden carrier for your washi tape!

Sir Charles is really a cute dog. I bet he misses you! And I think you look good. We must accept the circumstances, in your case diabetes, and realize that things also change as we age. Thank you for sharing a photo of yourself!

Glad your home!


Lee Ann said...

That platter is really quite pretty.

Your photos are lovely and so are you.

suzanne said...

Miss Brenda...FINALLY! We have the pleasure of seeing your beautiful smile! You are lovely inside, which reflects as well on the outside. Best we can do as we age is do it as gracefully as possible. What great treasures you brought home from Brimfield. Every time you look at them, you will be reminded of the time spent with your family. Double blessing!

Anonymous said...

I think you are lovely, Brenda! Can you recommend a good brand/kind of tea? We are coffee drinkers at our house, but sometimes we would like to drink tea.

Anonymous said...

Brenda- your face is lovely and sweet. Your kindness and gentleness shines through and nothing is prettier than that. As one of my patients said to me once "I think we will be great friends in Heaven". Donna Wilson

tealady3 said...

What a wonderful site to find,you are a woman of my heart. You found some great pieces.Can't wait to see so much more.

Heather said...

You look lovely and so do all your purchases. :)

Vee said...

You are a beautiful lady, Brenda! Loved catching this glimpse of you so relaxed with your equally relaxed granddoggy. He doesn't seem in the least upset by the moniker "The Stout." Wonderful Washi organizer and the FV platter is an excellent find! Lots of treasures that provide inexpensive therapy. =D

Hope that the chores waiting for you when you arrived home have been tackled a little at a time and with success. Have a cozy week with all that rain. (I assume that it is headed our way.)

jules said...

I just adore the tea cup with the offset saucer. That is just lovely. What a wonderfully observant person Lois must be to be so thoughtful in her gift.

The Journey said...

You look lovely. Your granddog is a cute. Your platter is perfect. I do hope you have recooperated.

Anonymous said...

Laughing, understand perfectly about bonding with granddogs! 🐶 Oh, love the cup dish. Cute, cute, cute! Bring it along when you come for tea on my new patio! 😜 Love your new platter and the wood box for storage too. You made a nice haul. So glad you had fun and came home with the best kind of souvenirs. Too bad you had to leave your "MissyV fur" 😺 at home. ☺️ Pam (SD)

Deb said...

What lovely treasures you found. The kitty in the suitcase reminds me of a cat we had some year back - best family pet we ever had. Enjoy the coming weekend.

Melissa said...

What wonderful treasures from your trip! And the teacup/plate...I just received 2 of the exact same thing for my big "zero" birthday!

Anonymous said...

I saw your picture and my first thought was "awe! she's so pretty" and then I saw your follow up comment. I am not making this up - you are not seeing yourself clearly. Your blog blesses me so much, life can be hard but God is good and you always remind of that.:)


Anonymous said...

You are simply beautiful! Why ever are we so intent on finding fault with ourselves? Just as Leigh says, 'You are not seeing yourself clearly.' I've never commented before, but I so enjoy your make me pause to see the familiar with new eyes ~ and that, my dear, is a gift from God. Your very own ministry. Thank you.


Front Porch Grace said...

You are such a beautiful woman. Your heart shows in your lovely eyes and smile. Really treasured seeing your picture. So blessed to know that you had a wonderful time with your family. What a gift from God. So very blessed indeed that you said, "Yes." You were on my heart in my prayers often this year.

God bless,