Thursday, January 29, 2015

My World this Week

That rare moment the desk is really clean...
So far this has been a much easier winter than we had last year.  We have had a couple heavy snowfalls but with melting between them.  Unlike last year when we could not get out of our driveway for a couple of weeks.

I don't mind January if I don't have to go out on slick roads.  I embrace the early darkness as a reason to get the dinner dishes soaking early (and washed quickly when the water is no longer too hot for human hands) so I can curl up on the sofa to light a candle and read or watch a favorite TV show.  Victoria has taken up residence at the other end of the sofa.  By the end of February, I am ready for longer days and flowers and warmer weather.

This week's My World this Week is a combination of creating and coveting (as in Stephanie's trip to England).  ;) 

So here is my world this past week through the lens of my camera.

Reading up for Saturday's blog post.

Our local PBS station is showing The Cafe again once a week in its' late night offering.  The first time I saw this, I thought it boring.  But the more I watched it, the more I found it quirky and delightful.

It was only on in England for two seasons and not one of their huge hits.  But I like it.  I like the relationships between the daughter, mother, and grandmother on the show.  Those who appreciate British humor will like it.  Those who don't will say, "Huh"?

Stephanie is at Oxford in England at the moment.  This was a selfie taken with our beautiful friend, Sarah Clarkson (who is studying at Oxford these days).  I have been living vicariously through Steph's messages and photos.  ;) 

I'll share more about her trip later but below is one of the first photos she sent.

Yes... the place where so much literary history happened, where The Inklings met to sip a pint and read their latest works to each other.

Files in the Study
I was asked about the red wire file folder in my Study.  About half of it is file folders holding personal and household files, the other half holds files containing over ten years worth of scrapbook journal magazine pages and cutouts.

We have a tall file cabinet in the small office where I have a drawer all my own.  It contains years and years worth of articles, homeschooling material, etc.  I only use it for reference these days but this one I am in and out of all the time.

I taped two pretty cards to the red file folder and keep it in the front of the wire basket.  The card on the left was from Stephanie on my recent birthday and has nice stuff written in it, the card on the right was from a friend.  I love the quote, and the birds, and the flowers.  I keep all the cards I receive from my bloggy friends.
I love those old fashioned Church fans so I propped a few up in the back of the basket.

Making the black iPad case prettier with three washi tapes.

Washi Love

Her Fluffiness
She helped me wrap my granddaughter's birthday gift.
She listened to a podcast by Sarah Clarkson with me as I "created".
We keep the blinds in the family room up a bit so she can view the squirrels and birdies.

She actually photo bombed a lot this week...


Sunshine said...

So enchanting. Whenever I get a glimpse into your world I am always so encouraged to create beauty around me. Sunshine

Rebecca said...

What an amazing experience for your daughter!

And how nice to have such a clean,organized desk :)

Anonymous said...

The notebook with the flower cover is so pretty. Where did you get it?

Linda said...

I loved visiting your world!! The stacked hampers was my favorite photo - though I enjoyed them ALL!!!!
I will have to check out that PBS program.......

Mrs.T said...

Is that a "Coffee Tea Books and Me" mug rug on the wall above the desk in the first photo?

And the washi tape! I have never seen such pretty designs! Where did you ever find it?

Nana said...

Hi Brenda; What a relaxing and interesting post today! I enjoyed it, especially your desk and the cards (the one from Stephanie is just beautiful, I bet she made it or embellished it.) Give Her Fluffiness a kiss for me. Love and Hugs, Nana

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I've been following Stephanie's trip on FB - living vicariously through her this week!

I love your home and creativity. it's a joy to have like minded friends - it lets us know we are not alone in the world!

I got a new book for journaling at Christmas time. I'm going to start a new scrapbook journal in it!


Vee said...

Your beautifully clean desk makes me smile. I wish mine were so neat and tidy. Glad that your winter is going well. Mine was, too, until this week. =D I also like your stacked picnic baskets...must pin!

Lee Ann said...

I love your blog.

Lee Ann said...

I love your blog

moreofhim said...

I'll definitely have to check out "The Cafe". I love the British shows and finally found one you have talked about for years "The Good Life" (or "Good Neighbors" here in the US). I watch it over and over on Amazon and love it as much as you do. I love your Washi tape! I have many of the same rolls. I never thought about decorating my plain tablet cover - what great idea! Thank you for sharing that. Enjoy your blog!

Blessings - Julie

Jean said...


Your desk is so tidy and cheerful - I love all the colors and how you customized the folders and iPad cover.