Wednesday, November 05, 2014

My World this Week

I love this light filtering in to my Family Room.

Are you getting used to the time change?  I'm still finding myself nodding off early in the evening and now the days seem even shorter.  At the same time, I am enjoying being inside where it is warm and cozy. 

There is a little more outside work to be accomplished before true winter sets in.  We had snow on Halloween and the long term forecast has us with highs in the 30s.  So winter is not far off.  I truly have a love hate relationship with it. 

I love the Holiday season of Thanksgiving through New Year's Day.  I love the way I have more time to light a candle, brew a pot of tea, and read (or watch a favorite movie).  I actually love snow.  I hate... absolutely despise... driving on it!

On that cheerful note, here is what has been happening in my world recently:


A lot of Tasha love, received when a precious friend was getting rid of some books!  I can lose myself in her world.

Not to mention my ancient copy of Hidden Art... info here*.  Edith Schaeffer would have turned 100 this past week and this book of hers was one of the most influential books of my life.  I read it as a bride and have reread it at least once (and usually two or three times) each year since then.


I know this is not a fancy pancy foodie blog kind of photo but there was a lot of apple crisp love going on in my kitchen at the time.  It is probably the dessert I make most in autumn and winter since it keeps well for just the two of us.

Barn Watching

Yep... you can see more each week that goes by.  These days there are no leaves left so it is now fully visible even from my living room window!  How wonderful of the Lord to let me look out on one of my favorite things in the whole world.  Red barns.

The box of these lovely candles cost only $1.99 at Goodwill.
They all looked grungy, almost moldy, at first but I rubbed them with a knee high hose and they shined!

Two different kinds of Scrapbook Journal pages, side by side.
It was fun to guild the lily on this page.
A bit more of a close up.  Note the washi tape on the corners and the glittery butterfly.

Washi Tape Love

Speaking of which, I used red polka dot washi tape to cover the ugly rubber magnet strips that hold my most recent insulin dose of the frig.  Cute!  The adorable tablet paper with the red mixer was a gift from my daughter years ago.

Experimenting in the Kitchen

I have been trying out possible Christmas gifts to make.  Will share more about this on a Saturday post.

Her Fluffiness
Wait Mom, get my prettiest side!  ;)

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Anonymous said...

heart-warming post as ever Brenda, in your simplicity you are very special!
br. Freddy

Anonymous said...

That is the best picture of your kitty. It could be framed and sold or hung on your wall --- but you don't need a picture since you have the real thing. I always love seeing the barn photos.
I love the coziness of winter weather and sitting down with my family to enjoy home made soup. Winter in South Carolina is not too bad but we did have a couple inches of snow on the 31st of last month. I'm too old to enjoy it.
Enjoy your lovely, snugly home. Keep writing. I enjoy your blog.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Love everything about this post. Hidden Art has been one of my favorite books too. And we love apple crisp as well. I just got a roll of washi tape, how fun. And Her Fluffiness is cat perfection! Love peeking in on your life Brenda.
And what a great idea to get those candles shining again!

Rebecca said...

I have a similar challenge adjusting to the time change.

Your stack of books looks SO inviting. I can imagine the good time you're having....

lynneinMN said...

oh that ridiculous time change! my dogs are out of kilter, too! thank you for the tip on the candles - will definitely be using that one :-). as always, Miss Vic is just beautiful! God's Peace and Blessings...Lynne

suzanne said...

I always feel like I am visiting an old friend when I open "my world this week". That is how gifted you are at connecting with people, even those of us who have never met you. LOVE the shot of your family room with the lovely light! Also, yum to the apple crisp, and double yum to the chocolate confection. Looks like a great gift idea. Blessed are those who will receive that for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Apple crisp is the perfect fall dessert. The apples have so much more flavour when they are fresh.

Love the picture of Victoria. Give her a pat from us.

What exactly is washi tape and where do you get it?

Vee said...

I reread my Hidden Art book last week, too. I find it calming and then I wonder how I could have forgotten so much since fhe last time I read it.

Time change? Well, last night I went to bed at nine. Seem to be pretty tired just now. I'll get adjusted eventually.

My Cottage Diary said...

I think that's the best photo of Victoria yet! She is such a pretty girl! You have a charming home, Brenda. Blessings for a lovely weekend, Bess

Anonymous said...

Loved your pos† as always! :-) I see one of the sales you watch for is starting at Kroger tomorrow. Hope you no†iced it. The frozen veggies 10 for $10. For regular and flavored ones. Brenda I hope you can stock up on it and the many other sales on baking supplies and such †hat are on now or will be soon. Sarah

Heather LeFebvre said...

That is lovely light in the family room! Yes, I have been wanting to go to sleep so early this week! Good thing I have an explanation! What a good find those candles are!! I need to get some candles out and get them burning! It's sad to see the flowers and leaves go but I just remembered that we get gorgeous winter skies in return. Have a good rest of the week!

Susan in SC said...

Love the kitty picture. So sweet!

Leslie said...

I share your exact sentiments on winter! Hopefully this winter won't be quite as long as last, but I would like some Christmastime snow! Your post was a delight to read!

A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

I'm intrigued by your scrapbook journals. I'm wondering if you can explain more about the purpose and who you put them together? Did you already write a post on it?

Sarah said...

I am intrigued by the chocolate-covered thing on the tell! :)

Keri said...

As many others do, I love your "My World This Week" posts. Such a pleasant, friendly look into your life!

And I think it's nice, too, that you have this record for yourself, a little glimpse into your own ordinary daily past, for the occasional walk down memory lane. In fact, if I had more time, I'd create the same kind of weekly post for myself. But until more free time is available to me, I have to satisfy myself with looking back over the photos I've taken on my phone each week. I try to make a habit of doing that every Sunday, just to remind myself of the "little moments" (and yes, sometimes the big ones) that made up the previous week. Otherwise, it's so easy for one week to blend into the next, and time flies by too quickly when that happens!