Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary, a review

This is an amazing reference book. I never thought I'd need to have a Bible dictionary on my reference shelves but after perusing this one, I changed my mind. This dictionary brings the Bible alive!

For one thing, it is not like the Webster's dictionary or any other that has one word and a definition. This dictionary has information regarding people, places, subjects, as well as words found in the Bible. There is information about each Book of the Bible that would prove essential to understanding the context, settings where it was written, background, etc.

The full color pictures are what makes the real difference for me. I especially love to see photos of Biblical places, objects, and archaeological finds. The print is large enough that I can actually read it without squinting, which is what usually happens these days when I read a reference book.  It is enjoyable to read on its own, much like a good encyclopedia.

I highly recommend this Bible dictionary. It would be the perfect book to keep beside your Bible for study.  It is complete enough for the serious Bible student but this would make an excellent gift for an entire family to use.  Adults can read the information to young children and teenagers can take the book off the shelf to find information themselves.

This Bible dictionary was provided by the publisher for review but the opinion is my own.

More information can be found at Amazon... here.   (Affiliate Link)

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Tania said...

Dear Christian Friend Brenda,

My name is Tania (from Out Back blog) and I am a follower of your gorgeous blog, I am also a friend of Annabel from The Bluebirds Are Nesting.

I am very keen to get this book you have mentioned, but my question is, do you know whether this Bible dictionary is suitable to use with the New King James Version as this is the Bible I use? I have spent a long time this morning trying to find the information on the internet, but was unsuccessful. I would dearly love to get this dictionary so I can read and understand the Bible a lot more deeply. So as a last resort I thought I would ask you and see if you are able to help.

I do hope you are well and that the weather is being kind.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

God Bless,
Love Tania