Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My World this Week

The forest mid-summer...
This summer is racing by at warp speed.  I can't believe July is half over, neither can I believe the weather this week with highs in the 70s.  We are often in the upper 90s this time of year.

The garden is in full mid-summer mode with everything growing nicely except the tomato plants.  The two that were hit hardest by the unusually late frost are showing the affects of damage.  One learns something new every year they garden and I learned if a tomato plant has severe frost damage... replace it even if it begins to grow.

Finding computer time has been more difficult than usual and the song siren of the outside world has meant minimal time for reading.  But some is accomplished a little here and a little there.  ;)

This is what is happening in my world through the lens of a camera.

Mollie Makes Crochet is still on the reading list, the NIV Gardener's Bible that I am perusing for a review later this week, and I am re-reading one of my very favorite bios called Marriage to a Difficult Man.*

This BYU channel program called American Ride has become my favorite American history show.  The host is quite a character (on and off screen I hear) but the way history is taught makes you feel you can see what is happening.

Highly recommended and enjoyed.  Great for homeschoolers!

I found this enamelware bowl for $1.99 at Goodwill and fell in love with its' vintagy look.  Not to mention it is just the right size to sit on the counter when cooking.

Those are baby potatoes in the bowl, I bought them at the grocery store.  They were not thrifted.

A very precious friend gave me two rocking chairs for my birthday.  She knew I needed to replace the one on the porch that had fallen apart due to being out in the elements.  So this style was genius!

We have two, one for Hubby and one for me... but I separated them at least temporarily to use one on the deck and one on the porch.  They are SO comfortable.  What a blessing!

Kale, one tomato, parsley, basil, and lots of green beans from the garden.
The kale is still growing nicely so I'm using it a lot.

I'd grow herbs just for their beauty but they do get used.
The basil is looking good.
The apple mint will be allowed to go to flower eventually.

Her Fluffiness
I have the Pet Taxi out to take it outside and give it a good cleaning.  Our house guest will use it to return home, probably this weekend.

But I'd forgotten how much Victoria enjoys curling up in this carrier.  Go figure...

Our House Guest
My daughter-in-law took this photo.  Sebastian is living in a puppy cage in Grammie's Study.  I think he is being conditioned to think kibble when he sees me now.  I wonder if he will expect the same when he is living in his new home?

Oh... Victoria is not amused.  She hears me coo "pretty kitty" to him.  Even if he is a boy.  He has been exceptionally good considering he is in a cage.  But he is a lively guy and tends to knock things over so his imprisonment is his own fault.  ;)

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Deb said...

I really enjoy American Ride too, but usually forget to watch it. My life is so busy right now, that TV just doesn't seem to be in the mix at all. There are lots of really interesting shows on the BYU channel.I love your thrifted mixing bowl and your new outside rockers! Enjoy your week.

Vee said...

Hmmmm...that is interesting about the tomatoes. Now that I have two "grapes" growing, I'm wondering if mine got "touched" as well. We shall see.

Oh I can download that program on my iPad. We're getting nearly desperate for summer viewing, though I must say that cSpan has been very interesting of late.

Whenever you feature that book, I grin, and wonder if I might benefit.

suzanne said...

your "my world this week" always makes me smile. I found a fun show on BYU called "story trek". They go to random places and knock on random doors and let people tell their 'stories'. The most 'ordinary' people have the most extraordinary lives! Poor Sebastian...imprisoned for being rambunctious!

Deborah Montgomery said...

I was reading the book Marriage to a Difficult Man one time while waiting somewhere with my husband, and it occurred to me people watching us might have gotten the wrong idea! A good book, isn't it?