Thursday, June 12, 2014

My World this Week

I'm still in slow and steady mode here as we are trying to stabilize blood sugars.  But I am feeling better than I did before last week's "tweaking".   I see the nurse this afternoon so she can run the bg (blood glucose) numbers by my doctor before he leaves for a much deserved vacation.

For those who have asked, I developed Type 1 (Juvenile) diabetes in my 40s and I was eventually diagnosed as "hard to control" (or something like that), what is also known as a brittle diabetic. While doctors do not know what causes all Type 1 diabetes, the specialists I have gone to believe my case was caused by an auto immune hit from a very bad virus or infection.  I had an uncle who also developed Type 1 diabetes later in life.

But now back to pleasant thoughts.

This smaller of the two tables is my favorite for reading and pondering life at the edge of a forest.
This spring is the first I can remember in ages when we have enjoyed "true spring".   In recent years we have jumped from quite cold & snowy to hot & humid.  Sometimes it seems within the same week.

How lovely it has been to experience highs in the 70s and on those days with no rain, I've been on the deck or in the garden.  Heat is in the forecast, which will be good for the corn and bean crops... if not conducive to afternoon reading at one of the deck tables.

Here is what is going on in my part of the world as seen through the lens of my camera.


Still in the first chapters of Francesca's Kitchen... info here.*  I hope to finish reading it soon but so far I find it delightful light summer reading.  It has been on my To Read Soon stack for awhile, purchased for 99 cents while thrifting.  I was drawn to the lovely cover so I took a chance that it didn't have unneeded smut and stuff.  So far so good!

Thoroughly enjoying Mollie Makes Crochet.  It is perfect for those new or "newly returning" in my case to crochet... info here.*


I took this photo (and more of the little muncher) through the window so he didn't see me and on a slight zoom lens.


I have long thought the European window boxes beautiful so when I found vine geraniums at my local nursery, they became a priority to purchase each spring.

I couldn't find them last year.  When they had them back this spring, I bought three small plants and stuffed them into the flower pot.  Beautiful... they make me think of a vacation in Europe for only the price of the plants.  ;)


This is the photo that started my Tuesday post.  I found this little "chicken in a basket" at Goodwill about a month ago.

It looks perfect in front of the Country Market basket where I place the cookbooks I'm currently using a lot.

This is not the best photo of the needlework Deanna Rabe made for me using Rhonda's pattern from the Down to Earth blog.  But I think it still shows how lovely it is and I will always treasure it and my very sweet friend.

The top art print is of the lighthouse in Holland, Michigan where we lived for nearly nine years.  I like to have reminders of pleasant memories around the house, there are many such memories of that lighthouse in summer.

Her Fluffiness
She loves the return of her sunbeams in the morning.

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Vee said...

I read the reviews of the top book and it does sound like great summer reading. It is pleasant to me to read about kitchens, food making, housekeeping, etc. It's probably why I enjoy reading blogs so much.

That photo you took of your kitchen with the Goodwill hen is marvelous! It could be the cover of a book.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Glad you are starting to feel better. It's always hard when they change meds. I hate having my BP meds changed.

Her fluffiness looks so content!

Love the embroidery from Deanna and the hen on a nest! I have a couple of those from the thrift store too.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love having a peek at your world!

I'd love to sit at that table and share some tea, and conversation! Oh the books we could talk about, and grandchildren, share recipes….I guess we do that through blogging, don't we?

One day though I'd like to be able to give you a hug in person!

I am thankful for you!


Bookie said...

I have had a very blue day so what a thrill to find your cheery blog! Everything so bright and positive today and glad you are feeling more yourself. The Francesca's Kitchen books looks like a pleasant read.

Heather LeFebvre said...

The weather this spring has been amazing! I still can't believe it. Its the kind I dream of having every year. :)