Thursday, May 08, 2014

Who turned up the heat?

A favorite picture of mine from last autumn.  It is so Victoria.
Sheesh... we freeze our giblets for months and months and then suddenly it seems the thermostat was accidentally turned up about 25 degrees.  For a people not acclimated, I think it feels worse than it is.  Or maybe it is just that bad.

Victoria would tell you it is definitely that bad.  We don't want to turn our AC on until we need it consistently so I have windows open (yes, Hubby is suffering but he is also cheap frugal).  He understands it is temporary.  Victoria does not.  As with her namesake, she is not amused.

The garden is planted except for one raised bed, which should be finished within a day or two.  But with fragile seeds and seedlings just planted, I've spent a great deal of time watering in the morning and afternoon.  I went out about an hour ago and the soil watered this morning was bone dry already.

The flowers and herbs on the deck are not complete but they will be eventually.

Thankfully, for us... the heat wave is short lived.  We return to normal tomorrow and the long term forecast is for below normal once again.  You know... normal is good when it is May.  But with the odd weather these past few years, who knows what June will look like.  Hot?  Cold?  Preferably nicely normal.

June is a good month here.  A very weather friendly month as far as temperatures.  Normal would be a good thing.

I will be back tomorrow with a My World this Week.  God willing and the creek don't wither up and get dry.


Nana said...

Hi Brenda;
Today was the most beautiful day ever! I so enjoyed it, but I had meetings to attend and did not get to enjoy it to much. I am so excited to get out in the yard, it is a complete mess. But or weather here has been cold and rainy. Wish my gardens were planted as yours are. Love and Hugs, Nana

Vee said...

It was lovely today, but warmer than we are used to. Guess that it is too much to hope for gradual shifts. That is a great photo of Victoria. That pose is so human.

ellen b. said...

I'm melting in Jacksonville N.C.
I'm just not used to 90 plus humidity. It's cooling down to 85 ish on the weekend...

suzanne said...

down here in coastal sc, it went from cool spring to wow, it feels like summer...overnight. the grass, weeds, and bugs are all "coming forth". I heard the first 'summer bugs' sounds today, which I love! Brenda, your raised beds gardening has me wanting to try it. I don't have the time or energy to do a whole garden, but raised beds sound very do-able. Love the pic of miss victoria. what WAS she looking at?

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

We had a warm day here too! We got the front flower bed weeded, and I spread some hollyhock seeds.

I also started more herbs and watered the other plants I am trying to keep alive until I plant them next week.


Anonymous said...

Here in Canada we don't usually plant until about the 24th of May. It's almost tradition and the weather isn't dependably warm before then.
It's supposed to be a warmer summer than usual this year.

Anonymous said...

Well, our high today was maybe near 60 degrees...and rainy...typical for Seattle weather too. One thing I just HATED about NC is how you rarely ever had really NICE was beastly hot and humid or within less than a month, would turn too cold to open up the house and let breezes in. Then at the end of the cold season, it would heat up so rapidly...out of the 10 years we were there I think we had only one year I actually could open up the house and air it out more than maybe a dozen times in a year!! Rainy and cool tain't half bad!! We are enjoying our sojourn here.