Thursday, May 01, 2014

My World this Week

This has been an odd week so far.  Hubby was able to get the soil ready in the two raised beds where I wanted to plant "cool weather" veggies just as the sun was setting a few days ago.

Since then we have had rain and I have been "under the weather" with flu symptoms and vertigo.  I'm still taking the vertigo medication, which helps a lot, and the flu symptoms have left.

But it looks like rain again and the garden is not planted.

Then last night I hurt one of the crowns on my teeth and find it difficult to eat. It is the third crown that has been damaged!   It is probably a good thing I wrote about persistence on Sunday.  ;)

However, not everything was challenging.  Here are some pictures of good things...


Since I wasn't feeling well, I wanted something to read that would "take me away from it all".  After much deliberation, I decided to use the last of my Amazon Credit to purchase the latest Tea Shop Mystery on the Kindle.

Well, it was truly wonderful.  I enjoyed this one better than I have the past few, which began to all look and sound the same.  They were good reading... but not great.  Steeped in Evil is great!  More information can be found... here.*

As with all her new Tea Shop Mystery titles, they come out first in hardback, which is why the Kindle download is pricier than most.  But worth it if you need immediate gratification at half the price!  ;)

Tea Time
Candy Cane Lane tea is perfect when one has a rumbly tummy.  Add a great story and a fluffed up pillow (unseen in the picture but important)... and life is good.

Waiting to plant
Kale... waiting... patiently

Kitchen Friends from the Windowsill

One good byproduct of a cool Spring... there are still daffodils blooming!

Her Fluffiness

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suzanne said...

Brenda, I hope the vertigo leaves you soon! As for the tooth problem, I can relate, although I don't have a crown, but a partial. I always love the photo of your tea in a pretty cup. Makes we want tea! May God put His hands of healing on you this day and bind up all things unhealthy and hindering to you. Good luck with the garden. I will live vicariously thru yours!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I just read Sweet Tea Revenge! I like to wait until they are in paperback, and then they are inexpensive. I like to have them because I loan them out and I have lots of readers in my family!
I am happy to hear how good it was!

I have tulips up and budded but not opened yet and it's May 1st! These are usually all blooming by Easter!
My peonies are way behind too. We are buying our veggies plants this year and I am waiting until May 15th which is the last frost date here. Usually the veggies can all be in by now. Crazy, crazy year!


Stephanie said...

Coffee, tea, and books, three of my favorite things :) Your blog name caught my attention so I decided to come for a little visit.

Your Daffodils are lovely! They are probably my favorite Spring flower. I live up in the mountains so we don't have any yet, but hopefully soon.

Looking forward to visiting again - blessings!