Thursday, May 29, 2014

Body & Soul by Bethany Hamilton, a review

I was happy to read and review this book by Bethany Hamilton for a number of reasons.   
  1. First, my family enjoyed the movie based on her experiences called Soul Surfer 
  2. Second, it is just the kind of book I thought the preteen and teenage girls in my life would benefit from reading.   
  3. Third, this is the kind of book I absolutely loved when I was that age.  Long ago.  But I can still remember.
In Body & Soul, Bethany shares her Christian walk and how that is the basis for all she does in life.  Then the book discuses how important it is to eat a healthy diet.  There are not only chapters of very good advice about eating but she includes excellent recipes for girls to make on their own.

Bethany then shares chapters about exercise with good advice on the importance of moving (and not being a couch potato!) for the body.  But she goes a step further and includes many exercises, what part of the body they are good for, and there are pictures of each exercise so girls can do them exactly as they are to be performed.

The size of this book is nice, too.  It is small enough to slip into a bag destined for the beach but large enough to make actually using the information within quite easy.  The pages have the look of the glossy magazines ladies like.

I highly recommend this book for all girls pre-teen through teens.  But it is especially good for Christian girls who can use a big sister kind of mentor.  One who has already faced great obstacles in her young life (if you don't know her story, her arm was bitten off by a shark!) and overcome them to become a professional surfer.

More information can be found on here.*

Summer would be just the right time for girls to read this book when it is nice outside to get some exercise and the availability of fresh fruit and veggies are at their peak.

I was provided a copy of Body & Soul by the publisher.  However, the review is completely my own opinion.

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Heather LeFebvre said...

I will check this out for Rachel! Thanks!

Vee said...

We have the movie of Bethany's story thanks to your recommendation. It's one of my grandsons' favorites. (I found it a lot upsetting, but they rolled with it.) Bethany has a wonderful testimony.