Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not a lot going on in my world this week

Spring is coming in a "one step forward, two steps back" mode.  Which hasn't been too bad since I'm still in a cold weather cooking mood.  Yesterday I made our long time favorite No Peek Stew (which we call Peek-a-Boo stew).

I changed the recipe a little a few years ago by using canned tomatoes instead of the called for tomato juice or better yet... V8 Juice... the original recipe called for.  Since I had V8 Juice in the frig, I went back to the old standard and it was absolutely delicious.   I will write the recipe out soon (hopefully soon).  There are numerous variations online but my favorite is the simple recipe from an old and well worn church cookbook.

Today we may reach 70 degrees and I am so hoping that is warm enough for the daffodils to pop into full bloom.  At least the clump sitting close to the house in the backyard which blooms first each year, probably because the brick of the house absorbs heat from the morning sun.  It has been on the verge of blooming for about a week now.

Speaking of which, have you noticed the difference in the angle of the sunlight coming into your house?  I've especially noticed it on the side where the morning light filters in.   That is the one time of day and the only side of our house that can become sunny... one of the disadvantages of being surrounded by trees.  But that makes me appreciate it all the more.

I didn't take photos for a My World this Week  post.  Except for Victoria and a few books I'm deciding if I want to read or not, there is not much to chat about right now.  Oh, but that will soon change when my world begins to bloom!

Two of the books I'm deciding if now is a good time to read are about subjects that are profound and somewhat difficult to think about.  Both will be read and I know they are excellent books, but I'm thinking there is still the need for something lighter.  A warm and fuzzy kind of read.  My reading tends to be braver in warm weather than when it is still cold.

Now I am off to take advantage of warmer temperatures again and continue the garage organization project.  A lot of the inside of the house is finished, all that is left are a few boxes in the family room my husband must sort through (moved there months ago from the office!).   As it warms up, there will be the cleaning of windows and dusting of everything.

The garage has an excellent start to it but it has been dependent on milder weather to complete as does a good porch cleaning.  Then onward and outward to the yard and garden.

All accomplished a little at a time but even then... I think I need a nap already.

Added:  People ask me often how I keep the house looking decent when dealing with the extreme fatigue of a chronic illness.  The secret is doing it just a little at a time but making it a priority throughout the year.  Especially in the morning hours when my energy is at its' highest... after a cup of coffee.. or two.


Anonymous said...

Spring has definitely sprung here in East Texas. Dogwood, azaleas, wisteria have been in full bloom and so beautiful.
As for housekeeping, I can live with a little dust, but I do like everything in its place. I love neat and organized. Love your cozy, homey, and colorful kitchen.
Blessings, Sharon D.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

It will be 69 here today! Glory!

I do notice the sun's placement at the different times of the year! We are trying to soak it up after a long winter and cold start to Spring!

There is work to be done in my front flower garden today! My roaming hens love this enclosed garden to scratch around in and take a nap! Funny girls!

Have a wonderful day friend!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

In the winter months, no light comes in the east side of our family room, which is on the north side of the house, even though it is full of large windows.....But sometime in March it begins to peep in again, and always puts a song in my heart...
I'm another one who does the "little by little" method to accomplish things. I am hoping to recover/develop more stamina and strength, but though things are better, I'm not there yet. And since I'll be 70 on my next birthday, I hardly expect to rediscover the vitality of 30! But life is so good, and such a blessing, especially in spring, that I wouldn't complain! Be well, Brenda! Read some D.E. Stevenson!

Vee said...

Kristi's comment reminds me that I have some D.E. Stevenson on the PC. Not as easy a read as if it were on the Kindle or iPad. But still, a little a day...

Which is exactly how I accomplish what little I am accomplishing, Currently, I am working on sweeping the driveway of bucket at a time.

Patsy said...

Glad you could do so much, Take care.
We have spring and I have my first flower in a little bowl.
A pink Camellia.

Nana said...

Hi Brenda;
Ah, spring, what a wonderful word! I am so looking forward to Easter next week end, my son and his family will be here for dinner and some siblings and their families. What a great way to start the season of warmth, sonshine and love. Have a good week dear Brenda, take time to enjoy the beautiful weather as it comes. Love and Hugs, Nana

Heather L. said...

Have you read the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry? If not, I'll send it to you when I'm done. Just got it in the mail from the UK and it is a great, light read -- and being from Britain, can't go wrong!!!

Judy said...

70 degrees sounds heavenly! Here in Vancouver, Canada, we were excited to reach 12C (53 degreesF) with blue sky these past two day!. Interestingly, though yours are not yet open, daffodils growing in sunny spots around the city are blooming happily, camellia shrubs are loaded with flowers, and even my little pot of violets on the deck have buds struggling to open up. It is such a beautiful time of year.