Thursday, March 27, 2014

My World this Week

Little Christopher, Little Stephanie, Sasha, Storm... memories
There has been a lot of spring cleaning going on here at home, even if it doesn't feel like spring.  We have had a mixture of light snow-sleet-rain all morning.  At least we don't have to shovel anything. 

The above picture frame hangs in the dining area to remind me of happy times.  While I do love my precious Victoria, we had Storm with us for sixteen years and Sasha for eighteen years.  They were sisters from the same litter.  My theology tells me I will see them again.  :)


Does this look a lot like last week?  It is for the most part.  The journal is now in my study and my Kindle reading has changed.  I am now reading Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian.*

It is very enjoyable (and short, which is what I need at the moment).  All the other reading is a work in progress.  I'm looking through Jerusalem* to choose a couple recipes to try soon.  Have I mentioned enough that I love this cookbook?

Soup for Dinner on a Blustery Day

Christopher called a few days ago, asking if I had anything ready for dinner.  Mrs. C. was visiting family with her mother and sisters and he was at work... sick.  And he really didn't want to stop for fast food on the way to his home.

Actually, I had just what the doctor ordered.  Homemade veggie beef soup simmering on the stove!

Sooo... since one of his favorite TV programs was on in the family room (Top Gear), I set up soup and milk and a few cookies for him and soup for his dad.  Top Gear is fun when you watch it with someone else! 

I let the menfolk chat while I lit a candle and enjoyed a bowl of soup on the living room coffee table.  A favorite show was on PBS that I didn't want to miss.

Not total family togetherness but whatever works in our households is a good thing.  There was time to chat with the guys after they watched their show like the good old days.


One of the privileges of having my own room these days is being able to let some friends come out of the closet... so to speak.  These are some favorites among quite a few.

Many are what is left from a Boyd's Bear collection circa' 1990s, others are gifts, a few hopped in my cart wanting to come home with me from Goodwill.  What could I say?  I'm a sucker for a furry face (just ask my cat).

Her Fluffiness
Ooops... caught in a playful moment.
I don't want my picture taken Mom.
I told you I am not in a picture taking mood.
Okay, snap the picture but I'm not smiling!
Speaking of whom... she was quite annoyed that I snapped a photo of her being playful.  After all, one does have a queenly image to keep up in her domain.  ;)

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LauraC said...

It's lovely to minister to your adult children occasionally, isn't it?

Nana said...

Hi Brenda;
I love Miss Victoria, she is a darling! What fun to minister to hubby and son with some good food and togetherness! Love and Hugs, Nana

Vee said...

Christopher knows where to find some comfort food. It's great that he does because it would've been so easy for him to get the fast food and go home and crash and that wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.

Hmmmm...I can tell that you are a true cat lover...the cat's photo is larger than the children's (put together)! Hahahaahahahaha...that's the kind of thing that my sister and I would tease our mother about and did.

Hope that the weather moderates for us all...I can only take so much joy in sledding.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I have a frame very similar to the one you have!

Love when our married kids call home to ask for a recipe or to come do laundry. You were just what Christopher needed that day - and it was a blessing to you all!

Your bears are adorable and that Miss Victoria! She is darling!


Anonymous said...

My maine coon doesn't like his picture taken either!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

How perfect that you had veggie soup on the stove!

My daughter Alice and her husband love to watch Top Gear together. I've yet to see it.

Jerusalem is at the library waiting for me to pick it up tomorrow.

As usual your world is a beautiful and happy place to be. said...

My theology tells me the same. Having read your blog through, we are of the same mind in that area, and I appreciate your wisdom.
That was perfect timing for Christopher...and you!