Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just checking in...

I do have a few pictures but not enough to do a My World this Week.  I will add extra pics next time!  It has been unusually busy around here.  But our highs by the weekend are to be in the 20s so I wanted to get all errands run before the deep freeze hit.

What a crazy weather week (how many times have we said that in the past few years?).  We hit near record highs last weekend with a record breaking tornado outbreak for November.  Now we're looking at near record lows for the following weekend.

Sometimes I think not only has the world gone crazy but so has the weather (and there seems to be plenty of science to back that up).

The power has been restored to most areas.  Victoria's sweet doctor posted on Facebook yesterday afternoon that they had just gotten their power back.  Lots of homes in the county were destroyed as were some workplaces.  A few schools were hit, two will have to be relocated for the rest of the school year.  One of the larger towns not far from us has a mandatory curfew due to the destruction there.

I have written many times that I don't know how people who have no faith in the Lord can wake up each day.  It is so true that "the safest place to be is in the will of God".  Sometimes He rescues His own from the lion pit, sometimes He is with them in the furnace, and then there are occasions when He allows His own to be taken to be with Him.

I figure whatever happens in the long run... we win.

As for the above picture, Her Fluffiness has a new nickname around here.  Since she has decided she wants to escape her domain into the "real world" to chase the neighbor's cat... we are calling her "Your Naughtiness".

She made it outside a couple weeks ago which was followed by a Perils of Pauline chasing by her people (that being Hubby and I) until we had her cornered behind the bushes in front of the house.   We were so afraid she'd run into the woods where we could not go after her easily and she would not know her way home.

Fortunately we finally were able to coax her back in the house and I wish we could say she did not try another escape but that would not be true.  Now she sits by the door, waiting for one of us to make a mistake and leave the door open too long (which is how she escaped before).  She really wants after the neighbor's cat.  Who, by the way... is an outdoor cat who really, really wants inside our warm house!

Needless to say, she is one cat that is in the dog house!


Vee said...

You are probably not as mean as I, but when Fiore is caught sitting by the door like that a simple "psssstttt" boots her away. The thought of her getting out is scary so I can imagine how dismayed you were and how she got her new name!

Elizabeth said...

Yes the weather has gone crazy! So glad you were safe during the tornados! We have a cat that also sits by the door wanting to escape,he has a couple of times but just sits on the patio and looks around.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Interesting times that we live in, isn't it?

Thankful that we can trust Him to be with us no matter what.


ps- naughty kitty!