Thursday, October 24, 2013

Winter coat weather

What happened to sweater weather?  I mean, really... we had snow flurries today.  Actually, flurries may not be the correct word.  It was much more like what the old timers called "spitting snow".  But it was white and falling from the sky...

I must admit that there is one thing about snow I miss from the years we lived near the lake shore in Michigan.  That is the beauty of lake affect snowflakes.  Once I allowed myself to view them with childlike wonder and remove the grownup lens in which I usually looked at snow in Michigan (that being that it was going to be one heck of a drive to work)... I adored standing outside as those larger than life flakes landed all around.

But I'm glad it was just "spitting snow" today.

The quite cold weather has inspired my cooking this week.  I used up a whole bunch of overly ripe bananas to make banana bread late this afternoon.  The aroma was coming from the oven as I warmed leftover chili on the stove.  I could hardly wait for it to cool down enough to slice into it (for if one does not wait, one gets crumbs of banana bread and not slices). Yum...

I really shouldn't, even though my recipe only calls for half a cup of brown sugar and it was made with half whole wheat flour, it does have five ripe bananas.  I don't even want to think of what it does to my blood sugar.

Speaking of food and all, my son called close to lunchtime a few weeks ago and asked if I was busy.  I was actually driving on the road from the highway at the time, almost at the stop sign near my home.  But I would soon not be busy.

He was going out to lunch and wanted to try a new Korean restaurant he had heard about.  I immediately said, YES!  He loves to try new foods.  I love to try new foods.  Stephanie loves to try new foods.  It is something in our DNA.  Hubby and Mrs. Christopher... not so much.

So Christopher picked me up and we headed back to the highway where there is the tiniest of shopping centers, all Asian related.  One of the doors led to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, although quite nice inside.

We both ordered a different entree so we could try each other's choice.  Both were delicious.  However, what really excited us were the condiments that were served on the side of the meal... kimchee, seaweed, some potato dish, fish, and a few other items I was unfamiliar with.

We had so much fun, catching up on what is new in his world and trying unfamiliar foods.  I liked the kimchee more than he did but he liked the potato dish more.  We both were amazed by the seaweed, which was in some kind of a sweet and sour dressing and was absolutely delicious.

I brought home some of my entree for Hubby to try, a very safe beef and rice dish.   I thought about bringing home a taste of kimchee, except there were two problems.  One... each condiment bowl only held a tiny amount and Two... he hates kimchee.

We have a saying in our home that he brought back from the Viet Nam war, if someone is in trouble they are in "deep kimchee".  Oh, no... it is not his idea of something good to eat.  But then again, the kimchee he tried in Viet Nam had been fermented in the ground. 

So... as it is to be well below normal in the temperature department for the next few days, chicken soup will be on my menu tomorrow.  Maybe.  It depends on if I decide to serve it for dinner or let it sit in the frig overnight to skim the fat off the top of the broth.  That decision will be made tomorrow.

It is time to dream of foreign foods in far away lands, until someone wants to take me to lunch!


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

A few people in our area said it snowed where they were today too, but it didn't even spit or flurry here.

It did get cold and we are having a freeze warning tonight. I brought my potted hydrangea inside! I must get it planted this week!

Glad you had a fun lunch with Christopher! Tim loves to try new foods too. I'm getting more adventurous!

Stay Warm!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful for your son to invite you out to lunch and that you both are adventurous diners. How fun! I think I would like to try something different but when I get to a restaurant I usually get the same thing--something that I know I love. Need to break out of that rut! Blessings, Sharon D.

Vee said...

You are such an adventurer! I'm with your husband and Mrs. Christopher in this regard. Don't you think it is just wrong to have spitting snow before places well north of you do? ; >

Anonymous said...

Wow! Snow flurries already! Winter arrived early for you this year! Did you take any photos of the falling snow? I love those big, huge, fluffy snowflakes gently falling from the sky, too! I can't seem to resist taking pictures every time we get snow! (We don't always get it every year, here.) I can hardly believe we go off Daylight Savings time next Sunday! I enjoy cooking warm, comfort foods in the Fall and Winter, also. You are a brave one to try new international foods! How fun to get to enjoy such adventures with your son! I let my daughter, who has traveled internationally, take me to an Ethiopian restaurant last year. I felt that was brave! It was interesting, but not something I think I'll repeat! :)
Take good care and enjoy staying warm and cozy.
Laura C. From WA

Anonymous said...

I find homemade soup is best if about half of the fat is skimmed off. Skim it all and there's less flavour.
Was wishing I'd worn my winter coat today. Looks like we're all in for an early winter this year.

mdoe37 said...

We got merely a flurry. Allegan County got more, greasy roads....but they always do. I have a whole batch of long sleeved cotton shirts that I don't get to wear much. It goes from tank top to fleece weather without much in between.

I've been making banana bread too. Well sort of. I really don't care for it much as I like my bananas a bit on the green side. But this one is okay and the other half likes it pretty well. A yellow cake mix, 3-4 bananas and 2 eggs. I think he figures 15ish carbs a slice. I pass up so many homemade muffins etc because they just have way too much sugar. I wonder what would happen if you substituted the "sugar free" cake mix...I've never checked the carbs. Also works with zucchini.

Susan Humeston said...

I would love to try new restaurants with you.....but I live in South Florida. I am a Cuban food lover and in the right place for it. Yummmm. We just got back from Portland, OR - the fresh veggies there are SO GOOD. The restaurants buy them from locals - no chemical taste to the salad greens there!!

Carol Lancaster said...

Brenda I enjoy reading your blog and have written to you in the past. We have some things in common. I fall in the category of your hubby and Mrs. Christopher in trying some new things (not all). But, my ex was in Vietnam and I heard your kimchee phrase when he came back from Vietnam. I don't have a blog but you do inspire me and are a blessing. Carol - OKC OK