Tuesday, October 01, 2013

My World this Week

I placed the silk flowers where once there was a picture... love it!
The memory card for my camera finally gave up the digital ghost as it "locked" up on me.  However, it lasted well over a year so I'd say it was ready to go to its' eternal rest in the landfill pretty waste basket.

But I still had some good pictures I didn't use in the last two weeks posts.  A trip is planned by the end of the week to purchase a new memory card.  After all... the leaves are just now beginning to turn so we have to be camera ready.


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the new book by Carolyn Weber, who also wrote Surprised by Oxford.  Holy is the Day begins with her "near death experience" during the birth of her twins and kept me interested until the final page.

I plan to write a longer review soon but in the meantime you can learn more... here.  I read it on the Kindle but my suggestion... buy the paperback so you can go back and easily read, re-read, and underline.  

Ziva leaves on tonight's NCIS episode but first she gets a kiss... sigh.

You know it is Autumn when this book shows up!


Stephanie and I were talking about the book An Everlasting Meal and how we are both finding we think of it often as we cook.  (Book info... here.)

Hubby brought home a baguette from a food pantry that was already like a brick... but instead of throwing it away, I sliced it into these shapes and put some butter on half of them to pop in the oven and serve with the baba ganoush that night.

The rest went into the freezer to be used later.  All because of the influence of a book... 

My Gallery
The side of my frig I pass a million times a day.

Her Fluffiness
She can get cozy just about anywhere.


Vee said...

Love that photo gallery!

Okay, I am interested in all your links so will be popping in and out for a bit.

I'm looking forward to your photos of autumn.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love your gallery too!

I am hoping for a bookstore gift card for my birthday so I can purchase that book "An Everlasting Meal."

Looking forward to Autumn in your neck of the woods!


l hoov said...

in the pic of "her Fluffyness", there is a cute little cupboard with books on top, and a teakettle on top of the books. GREAT cupboard! that would be just fun to store little treasures!
thank you for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

Not normally a cat person - but I LOVE Her Fluffiness:) She is so beautiful and I love your photos of her in all her various places.

Thank you for having such a wonderful blog - I love seeing how you have decorated and your writings always inspire me! Happy Autumn! Taryn

Anonymous said...

Your home is really looking "Autumnish" and cozy! I've only just begun to decorate for Autumn. Love how you bring out Susan Branch's autumn cook book, along with other favorites. I need to bring out my Fall scented candles (Love Yankee candles' Harvest Home scent, but it's hard to find). I didn't know photo cards could freeze up on you! So does that mean you can't retrieve your photos off of it? Always a good idea to have them downloaded onto a flash drive or the computer, I guess! I try to print all the ones I want to keep and hope to scrapbook later. (I have way too many scrapbook projects waiting! Oh well, lots of rainy days ahead to work on them.) Love how Victoria just fits on the footstool! She adds to the coziness! Thanks for sharing your world with us.
Laura from WA

La Tea Dah said...

So cozy and comfy for these autumn days. Thank you for sharing links and ideas with us!

Nana said...

Hi Brenda;
Ah, autumn, my most favorite time of the year! Please remember me tomorrow, it will be a very sad day for me. My two older (much older) cats will take a last trip to the vet and I am already fretting over it. Daughter and granddaughter will take them as I just cannot. Really no choice we all get old and sick. Is there a kitty heaven?? Love and Hugs, Nana

suzanne said...

to nana: my brother just had to take his cat companion of 19 years to the vet to be put down. i am sure he would empathize with you. don't know if there are animals in heaven, but i would like to think so. brenda, thank you for this post. once again,,so cozy and comforting,,peace abounds.

jAne said...

your home is beautiful!

rocky needs to bring the autumn decoration box down from the rafters so i can put my yellowed gourds out here and there - aside from a few other touches, that's about it for me in autumn decorating. oh .. and books! i have some autumnal books that *need* to come out and be re-read - not just displayed.

Carol said...

Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful tip about the hard bread. (MD)