Wednesday, October 09, 2013

A quick hello!

Another scene from "The Feast"...
I only have a few minutes to say HI! and promise to be back later.   Wedging in computer time during fantasy football season was challenging but now Hubby has a couple other projects that take a lot of work on his computer.  But I'm quick and can type faster than him!

I hope to be back later today with a review of another friend's e-book.  One I promised earlier and lost all the information when my laptop crashed.  If I cannot write today, definitely tomorrow.

In the meantime, we turned the furnace on this morning... the real sign that autumn has arrived.  I had already added an additional quilt to sleep under at night and Victoria loves having the red flannel housecoat to curl up on as I sip morning coffee.   Yeah, drinking hot coffee with a cat on your lap is interesting but she is so cute...

This afternoon I must take advantage of nice weather to put the rest of the garden to bed for the winter.  Once the leaves have completely lost their grasp of the tree limbs, many will find their way to the raised beds and some to the compost bin and compost pile.

In the meantime I will just enjoy their beauty.


Anonymous said...

So glad you checked in today. Always glad to see a new post.
I have been running the heat some in the mornings and turning the heater on in the car coming to work in the morning--feels good.
Fall is such a beautiful time of year. Blessings, Sharon D.

Vee said...

Oh I'd love to sniff some of that woodsmoke! It would top off the season perfectly for me.

I'm sure glad that John has his Kindle and stays off the computer now. ;> I don't share so well. In fact, he asked me to print something off for him today and I now realize that I don't like to share ink either. Terrible, I am!

Martha Ellen said...

I've enjoyed your post of the Feast this year. I remember previous years posts about this wonderful event in your area.
My hubby and I have many mature trees and have to get up leaves weekly to make it more manageable. He uses a mulching mower and I empty the shredded leaves into one of our ongoing compost piles. It's a lot of work but my gardens love the rich compost in the spring.
Have a wonderful day Brenda! ♥

Mrs.Rabe said...

A quick hello is very welcome!

The heat is now gone for the year and we are enjoying chilly mornings and evenings and mild days. We are loving it.

I need to harvest the onions and the carrots and then we are done in the garden and it will be ready for bed for the season.

Soon we will add the flannel sheets on the beds!