Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trying to stay cool

Inside where it is nice and cool...
According to which weather source you read, it either got up to 96 or 97 today.  Either number would beat a record over one hundred years old.  All I can say is that it is hot... and humid.  September can be on the warm side here but usually not ninety degree hot.

However, it is to be short lived so I can stay in the air conditioning, knowing by week's end our highs are to be downright autumnal.  Sweater weather... my favorite time of year.

Hubby ran into the organic farmer at church and was invited to "stop by" and pick up veggies that evening.  So I spent all day yesterday prepping veggies for meals this week and a few for the freezer.  Pictures will follow soon but first I also need to snap some shots in the garden, when it cools down a bit.

I have proof we are nearing true autumn.  The squirrels are getting squirrel-ier.  Can you see the squirrel above?  The picture was taken through a window with a screen so it is just a little distorted.  But that creature with the fluffy tail is not Her Fluffiness!

Since this picture was taken a few days ago, all of that plant has been eaten.  This happened last year, too.  Who needs an Almanac when you have squirrels?


Vee said...

He ate the plant?! I went out to the deck and my Easter cactus had been toppled...broke the pot...it was vey heavy so I know that the wind didn't do it...hmmmm...now I'm wondering about squirrely squirrels.

That heat and humidity is coming our way tomorrow...yuck...guess we'll make it through, but I hate to think of the kids going to school in such heat with no AC.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Hot here too, but not quite that hot! Grateful you have a/c.

We are getting a few tomatoes finally from our garden and there are some onions growing. Will be glad to put this garden to bed this year.


Deb said...

Our temps here in VA - 88 on Tuesday and 87 today....so not in the 90s like you're experiencing. The girls will be chilly at farmers' market on Saturday with a high of 66! What a change, but I love it! p.s. my lovely flowers are looking quite wilted, too.