Thursday, September 26, 2013

My World this Week

Just before twilight...
We continue to have autumn wrestle away summer here in the Midwest.  One day there can be a frost warning and the next a high in the 80s.  But such is September...

So happy some Goudge and Stevenson is now available on the Kindle.  I always wanted to read this third book of the trilogy.

New Season of NCIS... last two episodes with Ziva.  :(

Thermos love...

The vintage bowl ($1.00-ish) is the same shade of yellow as some of my other items...

Farmer's Market

Her Fluffiness


Vee said...

Your beloved kitty looks so beautiful sitting in the sun! I think everything must be more lovely resting in the sun.

Sweet thermos collection! You're getting so hip, Brenda! And that darling yellow bowl. Cheap, cheap therapy! Makes you smile everytime you see it I imagine.

Anonymous said...

Your room at twilight is lovely. So inviting and cozy. Fall is definitely in the air here in Texas and I'm loving the fall colors.
Blessings, Sharon D.

a8383 said...

Oh Brenda, your is calling to me... Angela

Judy said...

So delighted you are getting to read the third book in Elizabeth Goudge's trilogy. I bought the three of them in paperback more than thirty years ago - yellowed and cracking at the binding now, they remain treasures.

And the bowl of vegetables - mouthwatering.

Enjoy both!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I am on the look out for some thermoses like yours, especially the plaid!

I am enjoying that book by Gouge. Now I need to read the other two!

Her fluffiness is such a beauty!


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Your world is always a joy, Brenda...I am most intrigued by the yellow bowl because my grandmother (the one who had the British Castle plates) had some pieces with the same Mexican type design on it. That was popular in the 40s, I think. I'd love to know the pattern or manufacturer if you can see that on the bottom.

suzanne said...

i like scrolling thru the pictures of your "my world this week" posts. they are small meditations on the enjoyment of simple beauty. love them so much!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Her fluffiness looks so pretty there! Love your new bowl and the thermos. It's time for candles isn't it. I have a harvest moon one burning on my desk right now

Your home always looks so comfortable and cozy!

Anonymous said...

I love the bowl set....what a great color.


rebecca said...

My husband is a huge NCIS fan. I have sort of lost interest in TV...find it hard to focus on much of anything since my father had open heart surgery and I'm mostly on the road or with him and my mother in a nursing home in a town about 45 minute away.

The home DOES have a Her (or His) Fluffiness! Fascinating :)

Anonymous said...

Brenda... I too am going to miss Ziva but really hope they can make a transition to keep the show going. NCIS is the only TV show I really watch these days.
I usually read, knit, crochet or sew and enjoy music with a cup of tea.

God Bless, Marsha