Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I should be washing my dishes

I really should, they have been soaking for about half an hour in hot, sudsy water.  Socrates in the City comes on the NRB Channel in less than an hour.  I am using that as a carrot to a mule... not allowing myself to sit until those dishes are washed and in the drainer.

Not that I'm calling myself a mule but if the carrot works...

I longed to spend time in my study today, feet propped up and an hour or so spent in Bible study.  I even opened the window so Victoria would enjoy looking at the outside world while I read.

She made it to the room and I didn't.  Just one of those days that filled up quickly with both known chores that needed to be accomplished and those less expected.  Although one interruption to my day was nice, Christopher took a break from work to show us their "new" used car. 

Then he whisked me away for a late breakfast/early lunch.  He's taking his dad out to the golf course next week so this makes us even.  If there is such a thing in families.  Our waitress was the same woman who used to wait on us when we would walk to the restaurant over a decade ago.  She looks much the same... it's the Scandinavian blond coloring. 

He's listening to Mere Christianity on Audible and because of the philosophy class he took in college, he understands the background of the book and the philosophies of which Lewis was speaking.  I'd never thought of it in historical context... or how Schaeffer was in that overlapping generation of Lewis and how the same worldview was shaping him.

Sometimes it is really mind expanding to talk to your children.

As I look at that clock in the lower right of the computer screen, it is telling me I must begin the washing of dishes or I will miss the beginning of Socrates in the City... sigh. 

I do hope to have a My World this Week on Friday and my most recent Mom Heart article may be publishing tomorrow (Thursday).  So I have been working and writing.

Now if the Dish Fairy would have only showed up.

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Mrs.Rabe said...


I love this kind of chatty post!

You and your hubby did a great job with your children. They both honor and respect you and take time to show care! Well done, my friend!

I hope you didn't miss the beginning of your radio program!