Thursday, August 15, 2013

My World this Week

The container was a gift... looking good with two tiny pots of silk flowers greenery tucked in.
Even with the vertigo, life goes on.  Here are a few scenes from my world this past week.

Destined to be an all time favorite book.   This much anticipated illlustrated diary of Susan Branch's two month journey through England was preordered as soon as Amazon allowed it.

I have rarely used my Amazon credit* to preorder anything as I prefer immediate gratification. But I really, really wanted this book as soon as it was available.

Full review to follow next week but more information available... here.

* Thank you again to all who enter your Amazon shopping by clicking on my Widget.  You bless me!

PBS had a special about The Making of Foyle's War recently which included the history of the long running series as well as clips from the new season.

One of my all time favorite shows of any genre but especially British mysteries.  Three new episodes coming in September!

The Forest
Our little gravel lane...
The forest is lovely this year, quite thick and green with all the rainy days.

When one walks down the gravel lane to pick up the mail, one wonders what all those sounds are coming from deep within the trees and bushes.

I assume they are caused by itty bitty paws...

Early Morning Calm
My study as the sun is coming up.

Decorating by Tweaking
I changed some things around like the position of the Friendly Village teapot and coffee server, moved some of the Landmark books back to the large bookshelf, and included my gift (mentioned above) on the top shelf.

We're only a month or so away from a change to autumn decorating.  Which I usually do at the beginning of September just because I'm ready for it.  I love autumn decorating...

Her Fluffiness
I was quite startled by something moving on the hutch!  Now this little creature (little being compared to say Bigfoot... huge when compared to other kitties) brought a smile.  I don't recall her up there before!

Our other two kitties (who are now in that section of Heaven designed for well loved furry members of the family) had only a couple places they would rest, usually on the back of the family room sofa.  This feline can be found just about anywhere!


Terra said...

I hope your vertigo will disappear soon, and now I want to read the new Susan Branch book; I know I would enjoy it.
We like Foyle's War too and your big kitty.
I am having a book give away on my blog today.

suzanne said...

her fluffiness is doing her own version of decorating by tweaking. :) your study looks so cozy and calming. i am envious of your country locale; the woods and gravel road just lovely. thank you for continuing to blog, even with vertigo. i can't imagine how discombobulating that must be.

Vee said...

A pox on vertigo! Have you tried the resetting of the inner ear? It can't hurt and it might help.

So glad that you have Susan B's new book and that it a good one. Looking forward to reading your review.

The hutch looks good and Victoria lends it a certain charm as well.

Deb said...

I've been keeping up with Susan's book progress on her blog. Sounds like you will enjoy it! I'll look forward to the review.

Anonymous said...

Miss fluffiness sure looks comfy! :) Your house looks so nice and inviting. Hope the world stops spinning for you and you can get on with all the things you want to do. Foyle's War is one British series I never did watch. Maybe I should give it a try? :-) I've loved all the others I have tried. Is that big foot I see in your forest the V twin trees???? :-) Haha.... Sarah

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Your world is looking very good, and sounding very good too. I'm so glad your vertigo is going away. My vertigo is BPPV and has gone away for now. Vertigo is no fun and it sounds as though you have a more difficult sort. But I am so happy you are doing better.

And I'm looking forward to the Susan Branch book which I could not resist ordering from Amazon, through your page.

I hope we will see that Foyle's War special. We've been having fund raising all this last week and more. Sigh.

hopeinbrazil said...

I'm slowly making my way through Foyle's War and really enjoy it. said...

You have Susan's book also! I have a niece that lives on Cape Cod, temporarily(Her husband is in the military)and she pre-ordered the book for me also. My niece will mail it to me after August 19 when Susan will sign it after her trip to Cape Cod. I followed along on her blog all last year while she was in England, such a great story teller. I'm anxiously waiting to read the whole book.

Anonymous said...

"Take me home country road. . ." Love your country road pics. . . so inviting. Your den looks very cozy. Would love to curl up in that big chair with a good book.
You did a great job on "tweaking"--very symetrical--I know you love symetry--I do, too.
Blessings, Sharon D.

Lynn said...

I am also loving the Susan Branch book. So beautiful.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

The weather in Scotland is like early fall in Pennsylvania, so I am getting in the Autumn mood too!

I will be interested in hearing how you like Susan's book. I love her newsletter and artwork - I'm sure I'd love her book about the English Countryside.

I'd try resetting the inner ear too. Tim was given exercises to do to get those "stones" to move back into place. It helped him a lot.

Cheers from Scotland!

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember the extremely beautiful posts Susan had when she was traveling there. The pictures she took were so hauntingly beautiful too. Breathtaking. Yes please do let us in on your impressions of her book. To travel and see the country as she did let alone for such a long stay would be a dream come true wouldn't it. Sarah

Elizabeth said...

Hello. New to your blog. Not sure how I found it but I saw coffee tea and books and I thought that is me. I love Foyle,s war too and have them all so far on DVD. Am looking forward to the next season. We do not have tv connection here. Yes hope your vertigo resolves soon.