Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Enjoying the cooler weather...

I find it difficult to believe it is late July in the Midwest.  The windows are all open with a cool breeze coming through the house and dinner has been made up of cool weather meals. 

I noticed while washing dishes this morning that the ornamental grass just outside the window is already turning into that straw like appearance it gets in autumn!  While I am always happy to see my favorite season of the year, I do like a resemblance of normal in nature.

Speaking of nature, since the window in the bedroom has been open at night, we are hearing the sounds of the coyotes.  Usually they are from quite a distance but a couple nights ago it sounded like they were in the forest next to us.  What is funny is when I mentioned to Hubby that the coyotes had awakened me a couple times, he said he thought he was just dreaming he heard them!

From watching Finding Bigfoot, I know that Sasquatch and coyotes sound very similar.  Oh, my... and the forest is so thick this year one cannot see beyond the trees lining the gravel lane.  I was going to re-read Monster by Frank Peretti but perhaps I will put it off until winter.  :)

At that bright thought, I am now off to start a loaf of bread in the bread maker (to be finished in the oven).  Yesterday I ground wheat but there was not enough time to make bread.  The fresh flour went into the old Tupperware container and then placed in the refrigerator (where it stays in summer).

Fresh bread for dinner this evening!


Angela said...

It is rare we can leave our windows open here in Texas, but some nights the coyotes yip and it sounds like they are right in the neighbor's yard. The other eerie noise we hear at night are the owls hooting. They call back and forth and it can sound like the trees are full of monkeys:)

Susan Humeston said...

It's a good thing your kitty stays indoors with coyotes around. I've never heard them - do they yip or howl like wolves? It's the deepest part of summer here in South Florida. It's rainy every day for most of the day and I do believe everything outdoors is mildewed (just kidding). The good thing about the rain is it keeps the temps down. When the sun shines full steam in August, it's daunting, to say the least. I'd LOVE some cool weather. We have to wait until the end of October for that.

Vee said...

You know it's cool if you can bake bread in the oven! Cooler here and with less humidity, but I still don't want the oven going. Perhaps this weather is headed our way.

I read something by Peretti once...about bear attacks or something...scared the daylights out of me and so that book is the only one of his I've ever read. I'd not be happy to hear coyotes in the night.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

the yip yip of coyotes used to be in my dreams as nightmares when I was child. I always seemed to be out in the fields in the dark when they'd start yowling.

As Susan already said, it's a good thing Miss Victoria is an indoor puss.

Enjoy your bread...yum!

BECKY said...

Hi Brenda! What a lovely photo! The dresser and sewing machine remind me so much of my maternal grandma. I have one of her old dressers that is similar to yours! It's here in my guest room/home office, so I see it whenever I'm writing on my laptop! I'm in the Midwest, too, and am really enjoying this strange weather! Homemade bread?? Yum! I'll be right over! HA!

l hoov said...

we too, get to hear the coyotes off and on here in Northern MN. I was fortunate (?) enough to catch one early one morning sitting by our pond, and got his picture. don't like the noise that is made when they catch their prey > mostly rabbits. very unnerving! enjoying the cooler weather here, as well. not quite ready for fall, but appreciative of cool evenings!

Mrs.Rabe said...

We made bread yesterday.

The weather is crazy isn't it? Cool, rainy spring, some HOT weather with humidity and now warm days and cool nights like Autumn - in July!

I love this current weather we are having!


Heather L. said...

Oh I had not seen that Susan Branch book advertised!!! It sounds right up my ally!!! Should I pre-order for the reduced price on amazon or wait for the library to get it......hard to decide. :) I can't wait to see it!!! Can't wait to make my own journal too. :) Isn't this cooler weather just wonderful!