Friday, April 05, 2013

Talking about beauty on a budget...

I'm over at Mom Heart today.  A conversation about Great-grandmother's pretty china with Mrs. Christopher inspired this article about bringing beauty into our home and life.

Should there be any confusion with yesterday's post in which I said I didn't take pictures of Easter dinner... I had to go back and find last year's place setting for one of the pictures.  :)

Mom Heart is such a unique ministry website, part of the Clarkson's Whole Heart ministries.  Each writer brings her own unique experiences to the table with Sally and I being the oldest most mature moms.

Knowing my wonderful blog friends here, I think many of you will agree with my ponderings... here.


Anonymous said...

Very nice article, Brenda. Tis so true that things do not need to be new to have value and beauty!!
Elizabeth in VA

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post Brenda. I too completely understand and follow the same ideas. Even getting my Victoria magazines at the used stores! :) I could not imagine Having to shop only at the regular retail stores! Buying as we do used you can get such different creative home furnishings and you home is totally yours. Never cookie cutter. Over the years you find things you use for a lifetime. Plus your bank account does not suffer while you gather such lovely things for your home. I have always said that shopping at the used stores is like Christmas morning for grownups. You never know what you will find and when you find something you need it is a surprise! Our homes need to be a sanctuary for our families and beauty soothes us. You have to use the pretties you find though and not put them back 'for later'. Your own family deserves to be treated special. Every day. :) Sarah

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Kindreds again!