Sunday, December 02, 2012

Happy Birthday, Stephanie

My son's birthday was on Thanksgiving Day this year so it was absorbed by that Holiday.  It doesn't happen often and when it does, he is not pleased.

Stephanie's birthday is always "stand alone", although her Mamaw hoped her birth would be delayed so she could share her birthday.  Stephanie was a planned C-section and believe me, this Mama was not waiting a few more days even to please HER mother.  ;)

So Happy Birthday to my number one bff (if you don't know text language that is best friend forever)... and Daddy's little girl.  He tells people his son-in-law came to the University for his PhD and went away with his daughter, hehehe.


Buttercup said...

Adding my birthday wishes!

~kathy dunn said...

I'm so glad that when Jayson whisked her away, he took her to a place where I got to meet her! I adore your daughter and her whole clan!