Friday, November 02, 2012

Out of the soup...

I had to move the felted flower, I kept finding it in Victoria's teeth...

Hmmm... try to explain that title to someone who didn't read this blog yesterday?  I could only keep down chicken soup,  you see.  However,  I'm feeling much better, just a tad bit queasy today.  Manuela and I must have had the same bug, even though many states and the Mason-Dixon line separate our houses.  ;)

I have been watching the news and how the full extent of the devastation in the areas where the hurricane made landfall is becoming known.  The anger that is building because the government is not there to help doesn't surprise me at all.  You would think our country learned that lesson with Katrina.

I caught part of an interview with an official the day the hurricane became a Superstorm.  I think he was from FEMA.  He was saying that these 100 Year and 500 year storms are now happening somewhere in this country every year.

Those comments didn't take into account the drought this summer that destroyed crops that started out so well in the spring... not to mention my garden!

In my state, it was first said to be as bad as the drought in the 1980s, then the dust bowl of the 1940s, then finally they said parts of the state were worse than they had been in over one hundred years of record keeping (there is that number again).

I want to help in my own small ways by continuing my Saturday Pantry Posts and expanding them even more with more information and links for those who want to deepen their pantries even more.  The archives for Saturday Pantry Posts start... here.

Has anyone watched Revolution?  I'm not completely sure what I think of it, yet... very gritty and hard to watch at times (but perhaps realistic?).  It's unsettling to have it start in my part of the country.  Even a White Sox fan doesn't like seeing the lights go out at Wrigley Field (where the Cubs play).  ;)


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Sorry you had a bug...I thought you had a cold type virus. :(

Glad you are feeling better today.

Your pantry posts and your posts about preparation are so important for these kinds of events etc...


Vee said...

No, I have not watched that show. Gritty and I don't always get along.

So glad that you are feeling better. Hope that you have quiet pursuits planned for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. Looking forward to reading future pantry posts. They are very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Homemade chicken soup is such a good remedy for what aisles you! So glad you are doing better.
Hubby and I were watching the show, Revolution, but I was disappointed in it because it skipped forward to 15 years after the lights went out. I was hoping it would show how they coped without electricity from the start. It's also too violent for my tastes and is turning into more of a dramatic soap opera.
Have you read or heard of the book, "The Harbinger", by Jonathan Cahn? I'm reading it now and it's a real eye opener!
Take care and God Bless,
Laura C.

Anonymous said...

I watched a couple of episodes of "Revolution" but it was not what I wanted to see. I would love to see how they manage to survive - the every day issues but that wouldn't be dramatic enough! Also, they are all so clean and shaven with perfect teeth! unrealistic! Dee

Lorrie said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Chicken soup is just the best, and it's sad when you run out.
Being able to survive on one's own for at least a week is so important. That's what they tell us to plan for here on Vancouver Island.

Anonymous said...

There is a four book series by Terri Blackstock who is a Christian about the entire electric grid going out for an extended period. I found their adjustments very interesting and informative. Also, good reading!

Friend Debra