Tuesday, November 06, 2012

MomHeart Holiday traditions with recipes

I'm over at MomHeart today!  In November, a lot of us are writing about our Holiday traditions and some of us are sharing recipes.

In my post, I talk about some of our traditions which surround food and I am sharing my recipes for our favorite cherry cheesecake dessert, pumpkin bars, and a delicious casserole called Holiday spaghetti (which I make all year round).

The post can be found, are you ready???... here!  :)


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Brenda dear,

Thank you! I loved this. We need to give our families the strong web work of traditions and love.



Vee said...

I think that Holiday Spaghetti looks so pretty and sounds so yummy that I'll be adding that one. I'm going back to snag it. You know, I never can leave a comment over there, though I'd like to.

eyelandgirl said...

"...just because the Holidays are not perfect, it does not mean they can't be good." What a lovely thought! I'll be saving this to remind me not to go all Martha during the season, to relax and enjoy it. Thank you, Brenda.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Just popped over and read your Lovely article dear Brenda...so rich and cozy.
Tracey xox

Anonymous said...

I made the Holiday Spaghetti for dinner tonight and we loved it. Hubby asked for seconds! Thanks for sharing.