Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The squirrels are nuts!

A sure sign of fall is when we have the annual parade of squirrely squirrels on and across our deck.  :)

I have had great enjoyment this past couple of weeks watching Victoria watch the squirrels.   It makes one wish they could tell what the Fluffy One is thinking (hmmm... or perhaps not).

But for all her guard cat duties, she could not prevent a theft... which I first noticed when I saw little bits and pieces of moss rose on the deck and the plant looking as if it had been given a haircut reminiscent of the 1960s buzz cuts (which I recognize from my husband's senior pictures).

Do you remember the above lovely pot of moss rose?  Well, the pictures below are rather blurry as they had to be taken through the window... but they are evidence to present in court of theft.

Can you see the thief in the pot on the deck fence?

Making his get-away!

Yep... he has been back many times even after I stuck a birdhouse in the middle of the plant.  It has to be a fall thing... they hadn't touched it before they started collecting walnuts.

Unfortunately, he seems to have given Her Highness ideas.  Soon thereafter, I walked in My Room to find the "start" of a spider plant  (my friend, Linda, gave me) on the floor and dirt over the desk.

Thinking perhaps moving it to the family room would save the remaining plant, I was quite disappointed to find it knocked over and in her teeth the next morning.  Talk about evidence that would hold up in court!

I wonder if animals were so bold when in Eden?


Vee said...

Is he stealing something or planting something? You definitely caught him red-handed. We laugh to watch the squirrels bury their acorns all over the lawn. (I won't be laughing next spring.) They dig the little hole, pop the acorn in, then pat the dirt all over the top. The last step is standing up and wiping their paws just as I do with flour all over my hands. It is really cute. Now Victoria would definitely NOT be cute tipping over plants in the house. Gotta wonder what she thinks she's up to.

Anonymous said...

We can't bring any plant or flower into the house with our four cats. My husband brought me a lovely bouquet for our anniversary one year that didn't last the night. Unfortunately, there were some small lilies in it that are poisonous to cats which our vet made a lot of money from!

Friend Debra

P.S. The cat recovered but we learned our lesson.

matty said...

I had to laugh~ Moose and Anabel will chase the coyotes all night long, but let the deer come Right Up To The House and enjoy my potted plants! Personally, I think they have a pay off going...

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Is he stealing the flowers off the plant? Crazy!

Victoria is learning bad behavior, indeed!


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Moss roses - also called portulaca - are edible for humans too, and people put the leaves into salads. Delicious and nutritious...So you just have a group of gourmet squirrels gracing you with their presence! There is a weed which is closely related to them, the one you surely know with the fat rounded leaves which spreads in circles on the ground. You can eat that too, if times get bad. I know a lot of things in my yard which I can eat, though it might be a pretty slim diet.

Susan Humeston said...

I can't ever have flowers in the house because they'll get eaten and knocked over. The other lovely habit past cats had was to use larger houseplants as a cat litter. I no longer have any plants in the house.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog daily and looking at all you pretty pictures. Do you ever post anything on pinterest?


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Aren't squirrels naughty. I think they are so cute, but last year for some reason they kept tearing around in a pot of miniature roses that I had for years. I thought maybe I could save my roses from the squirrels by putting some Vicks ointment on the edge of the pot to repel them. It worked, but the greasy ointment must have washed into the pot because my miniature roses all died shortly thereafter. This year a hawk has come into the neighborhood and we have very few squirrels. I guess I should have been patient and have let nature take care of my mini roses.