Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Pantry Suggestions

The prudent see danger
and take refuge,
    but the simple keep going
and pay the penalty.
Proverbs 22:3 

Have you ever listened to a politician or watched a news event on TV and wondered what planet they were speaking from?

This happened to me a few days ago as I took an afternoon coffee break and tuned into Fox News (I should have watched Max and Ruby instead).

Most of the images were of the chaos and rampaging going on in the Middle East, in which our ambassador and three other Americans were killed.

However, in the lower right hand corner of the screen, it showed the Stock Market rising by 250 points as the Fed news conference was telling us they were printing more money (of course, they did not put it that way).

In the same news that day, there were discussions about our current president refusing to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu because he "did not have time in his schedule" but making time to appear on a late night entertainment show while the Prime Minister is in the United States.

My first thoughts were that our nation had to have some kind of stupid pill slipped into our water supply.  But that would not account for those with well water... sigh.

Let's see...

The Middle East is imploding and the president won't meet with the Head of State with our one friend in the region...

The Stock Market is rising when it is obvious some event is on the horizon (as was speculated and later confirmed, these riots were planned for the anniversary of 9/11)...

And not to mention... the Market is rising because we are printing cash in such a way that (if it were not government sanctioned), the people doing it would be arrested for flooding the money supply.

My friends, I try to stay away from politics here because I know we have all different flavors of political opinions among us... but when I was looking at this, I felt I had to send out a warning.

When I saw on Facebook that a couple Preparedness Sites were talking about the very same events... I knew it wasn't just my own (as my husband puts it when he has a "feeling") liver shivers speaking.

What can we do?

Well, first and most obvious... don't get tired of praying even when we see such events. 

Get serious about stocking up however little you can do each week.  I know how you feel when you don't have enough cash for putting good food on the table and gas in the car as it is... but even if it is only a few dollars a week... buy a little extra.

Pray about your needs and God will supply.  The Word tells us we are not to "take thought for tomorrow", which... in context... reminds us we are not to worry.

I put one of my favorite verses at the top of this post.  When I've been challenged that the Bible tells us not to worry about tomorrow so we should not do any stocking up, I remember the above verse.  There are similar verses and then, of course, the whole story of Joseph in Egypt.

Do your best to trust and not fear.  You may be an Esther or a Joseph in this time... or at least one who can intercede and pray from their home.

What if I stock up and nothing happens?

We already know food prices have started to rise so if you have carefully stocked up... with what your family already uses... you can shop your pantry instead of the store and save money.

People remind me of Y2k and how "nothing happened" but I believe Y2k was a dress rehearsal for a later event... and so do other preparedness people.  For one thing, Y2k did not happen because the computers that would have been most affected were fixed (as I have heard, at the cost of billions of dollars).

What if we are warned... what if we get those "liver shivers"... and the situation cannot be fixed by bringing in old computer geeks as they did in Y2k?

I learned so much by stocking up at that time, for one thing we ended up using just about everything we stocked.  Those items we did not use were all food and materials we were not already using in our home.  Nothing was wasted, everything went to other people who could use them. 

What did I learn from Y2k?

  • Stock what you eat and eat what you stock.
  • Don't use another person's list, make your own from what you already purchase for your family.
  • The better organized you keep your pantry, the easier it is to use what you have.
  • Set up your pantry to make it easy to rotate... rotate... rotate*. 
  • Date your canned goods and those without an "expired by" date.
  • Remember most items are good far past the "expired by" date (except for items like those with baking powder, which have a shorter shelf life).
  • Buying in bulk is not always cheaper for smaller families.  We gave away beans bought in bulk and used all those that came in smaller packages.
  • Always try a new food before you buy more than one, even if it is on sale.
  • Learning new skills and obtaining information can be as important as buying anything.
  • Don't listen to just a few people speculate on what may happen, read widely.
  • Do not depend on national news sources for all your info but discern what you read on the Internet (most of us have realized that already, right?).
  • Do not go into debt to stock up or buy items for an emergency situation.
  • Be careful not to cause fear among the family but at the same time... make any preparedness a family project if possible.

Remember those who came before us lived a Pantry Lifestyle as part of their everyday existence.  Read books such as The Long Winter when the snow is flying and the winds are howling.  :)

God is in control, nothing surprises Him.  Spend time absorbing His Word.  Pray. 

Any other recommendations on the Pantry Lifestyle, stocking up, and even good books such as The Long Winter are welcome.  Your past comments have been wonderful and informative.

*Rotate - using the oldest items first, placing the newest in the back of your storage on a shelf.  If using a box or other covered items, write the date of the oldest item on a paper and tape it to the box or container so you will know what needs to be used first.

In this way, you should rarely have to throw away anything!


tpals said...

No no The Long Winter when it's 90+ outside and it will help you cool off. Plus, the book begins in haying season so any extra winter preps it inspires you can tackle now.

Terra said...

Amen, blog sister. I agree with everything you write about here.

Anonymous said...

Excellent advice - thank you.


Anonymous said...

For many reasons we have not listened to much news for a while now. But wow!!!! What you mentioned was a bomb shell. They said printing of more $ would help make the economy better thus helping the President look good too. Poor reason for putting American in jeopardy and doubt that is the reason for the $ printing but whatever the reason it is STUPID. We have stocked up but worry about the banks. With a lot of people ha ing their work checks and such put directly into their bank accounts and such and using ATM cards...what happens. ?? Sarah

Anonymous said...

Brenda, Each year around this time I start to stock up before winter. It comes from loving the Little House Books, and also the way I was raised. This year, due to the uncertain economy and world politics, I started months earlier than usual and am stocking up far more than I usually do. We are also stocking up on more things like charcoal for the grill, medical supplies, and looking for a generator. It might all be "just in case" and we wont' need it...I pray we won't...but I'd rather be prepared then caught short. Like you and quite a few others I just have a "feeling" we are headed for serious problems, more serious than our current generation knows how to handle.

"My first thoughts were that our nation had to have some kind of stupid pill slipped into our water supply. "

And unfortunately, you can't fix stupid. Thank you for the tips and encouragement..and the reminders to be prepared. I look forward to reading them along with the Sunday afternoon tea posts.

As for those who question being prepared. I suggest they read the book of Proverbs, and when they get to the end..start over. God teaches us so much in this book.

God bless, Marsha

Vee said...

I'm putting this in my sidebar. Important information beginning with the advice to pray. This week has been seriously enlightening with regard to who we have in office and seriously frightening, too. Still, we know the One in charge and it's not the one who thinks he is.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Such good advice Brenda!

Several years ago we started to stock a pantry and now I am buying brown rice in bulk etc...we started to garden and to buy heirloom seeds.

"My first thoughts were that our nation had to have some kind of stupid pill slipped into our water supply. "

This cracked me up! I agree with you. It is definitely a case of peoples eyes being blinded.


Anonymous said...

When stocking up, keep the coming season's needs in mind too.

For example in building up my 'summer stash' (to help us through what would be an unemployed summer-I work in a school) I bought too many cans of soup and not enough of frozen juice, lemonade etc. Also forgot sunscreen and paper towels.
Live and learn.

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time Israel has been slighted by our government in recent times. Even if God did not want us to give reverence to his people I would think our government would pay them more loyalty if only because they stand by us. But no. They must be drinking this water with their stupid pills in huge big gulp cups. How totally sad. Are they so blinded they cannot see where this will lead?? It seems so.... Sarah

Anonymous said...

Well, I love the term "liver shivers!" I am going to go thru my pantry this week and make a list of what to buy. I went down to my shelves yesterday and found I was totally out of pasta sauce. Luckily I know how to make it from scratch but that alerted me to do an inventory. I LOVE The Long Winter also and read it every October. Thank you for all your wise words, Dee

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

We think alike in so many ways, and I consider you a kindred spirit, but some of our political thoughts differ, I fear. I am glad that Obama refused to meet Netanyahu. Of course Obama had time in his schedule as Netanyahu knows very well. But a message was being sent, and it is one I agree with.

Even Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak has said things that imply that he doesn't like Netanyahu's attempts to bully Obama into doing what Israel wants him to do.

I do enjoy and appreciate your Pantry advice......And I don't think being prepared is ever wasted, though I have to work harder at rotating and using the things in good time. Organization was not one of my gifts, but one of my challenges!

I hope I don't upset you when I try to respectfully disagree! Mostly I think I avoid this everywhere, but sometimes I feel a conviction that I am supposed to say something.

Lynn said...

Hi Brenda, Thanks so much for your comment at my blog. I'm so glad the bookmark is brightening your new office/craft room. Your room looks so homey! Funny that you mention The Long Winter -- I just finished Farmer Boy and am about to start on By the Shores of Silver Lake. Somehow I missed reading the Little House books when I was a kid. I'm making up for it now. You mentioned books for the winter -- I just finished the most beautifully written book I've read in a long time. It's called Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. Have you read it? I would highly recommend it. Not specifically a winter book, though it does have some winter scenes in it. It is just a beautifully written story, told by someone who has such a gift with words. I do so enjoy visiting your blog. It exudes that same sense of peace and calm you're talking about admiring in others' blogs :)

Morning's Minion said...

I first read The Long Winter aloud to my two children during a very cold New England winter when my husband managed the farm by day and drove a bulk fuel delivery truck at night. Gardening, canning, stocking up bulk foods has always been a way of life for us--a frugality that has pulled us through some financially difficult times.
Now in retirement we still need to practice careful spending, buying extra of those food items we can't raise and the household basics for cleaning and personal care.
How good it would be if our schools taught some of the practical skills which will continue to be needed in a worsening economy.

Front Porch Grace said...

Best. Post. Ever.

So informative and confirming.

It's the few dollars a week that make all the difference for us.

Thank you Brenda. This is to be shared.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Glad to see that I was not the only person who noticed that our President snubbed the Israeli leader while finding time to be on Letterman! Praying that the Jewish people in America wake up to the truth!

Becky said...

Excellent post!

What I always find interesting is those who are awake and trying to prepare don't seem to have enough money, but those who aren't awake and think things are just fine in the world seem to have plenty of cash to spare.

What do you make of that?

carla said...

Excellent post, but I must admit I felt some trepidation before reading the comments. So glad to see that there was only one that disagreed. One never knows when putting things "out there"; flamers and vicious opponents can be intimidating.

On The Long Winter: it's my 2nd favorite book by Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House in the Big Woods is my first). It was a wonderful illustration to go with your post. It's a vital story of survival and putting one foot in front of the other when the future looks bleak.

I'm afraid the future looks sober for our country, but I know who holds the future!