Thursday, September 06, 2012

More pictures of my home at the moment...

As you can see, I changed my collection of brown transferware by throwing in some blue.  :

With September arriving, I plan to use my Friendly Village teapot so I needed to do a little tweaking.  I was quite pleasantly surprised by the result, that shade of blue fits in nicely.

I love this plate, it has a scene from a Revolutionary War period building (umm... my apologies to friends from the Mother Country for bringing up that little altercation).  ;)

I only have the one plate to use as a display, unlike my brown transferware collection which I actually use for setting a table.

Now... back to showing you the rest of My Room:

I decided to move my Goudge and a few Stevenson books to the living room shelves... which required a great deal of moving around books on other shelves but it all worked out.

I know you are not supposed to stack teacups three high but I do love the look!

These two little teapots mean a lot to me.  The dark blue teapot was purchased one autumn when the family was at the Feast of the Hunter's Moon.  I bought it from a blanket trader.

My sister, Bonnie, gave me the little house teapot.  She said it once belonged to our mother even though she has had it for years.  I vaguely remembered it on Mom's shelves but I love it just as much because it was given to me by my sister.

I moved the little wire cart back from where I had put it in the garage.  I decided I needed it more in My Room to hold projects I was working on than in the garage holding cans of tomatoes.   There is no way I'd open the closet, it is so stuffed with Christopher's things.

That picture makes me happy, as I've written before... I loved it because I could just imagine Mother or Grandmother having her own little corner of the house waiting for the hours when all the housework has been finished and she could read, or do needlework, or just have a cup of a delicious hot beverage and ponder.

My room doesn't show it but it is packed with fabric and craft supplies (in the dresser drawers); and scrapbook, stationary, and other office supplies (in the little Asian cabinet and the cabinet with the vintage sewing machine on it).

In a perfect world... and hopefully someday in this imperfect of worlds... my fabric would again be on shelves where I can see it.  But I'm fine with just having everything in one room. 

My brain doesn't function in clutter... although my husband thinks my English Country way of filling my walls is clutter, hehehe!


Anonymous said...

Love it. Love the teacups 3 high and the teapots. And the "symmetry" of it all. You did good. It is so fun to come up with a "new look" by rearranging.
Blessings, Sharon D.

Vee said...

He thinks it is clutter? Oh. That's too bad because it is all beautifully arranged and looks very pleasing. I think "English Garden" decorating is something you do beautifully. I noticed the stacked tea cups right away...they do look terrific that way. Beautiful vignettes and charming have created a lovely "corner" for yourself.

I think it would be fun if husbands and wives had the same room and the same furniture and the same decorative things to work with to see how each would decorate. I know this, John's world would include lots of books and manuals and newspapers all over the place. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I love your room. It looks so pretty. Is the blue teapot granitewear?

Actually your fabrics are probably better off in the drawers. The sun might fade the colours otherwise.

Heather L. said...

Your room and fall china display are looking so lovely! I need to get myself inspired and energized to rearrange my hutch and set out the Friendly Village Set!! (And take down the summer bunting, and re-decorate the mantel....) I'm having an adjustment on my thyroid meds which will be good but I think I'm headed into a time of crawling through sludge. Yawn, yawn. I won't want to do anything....

Katie @ said...

I like the stacked teacups, too. I think it all looks darling!

Cheryl said...

After admiring your Friendly Village pieces for months (was it last November when you shared them with your readers?), I was able to find some! I did not find the amazing prices that you did...but they were affordable, especially with the cost defrayed by some birthday money. :D

Loving your new room! How comforting to have one's own cozy corner, surrounded by loved and beautiful things.

Anonymous said...

This is so lovely.Cozy & warm. I can imagine you sitting in the rocker with tea and just enjoying the atmosphere. When my daughter married 16 years ago I thought I was going to get her room for my stuff. But it ended up a half and half arrangement. Half looks english cottage with chintz and victorian artwork with antiques inherited and the other half, is hubbys junk, I mean computer/ ham radio equipment and manuels with other tech stuff that I don't even know what it is for. We must one day come to an agrement on this. So enjoy your little space. You are fortunate to have it. said...

Your room is looking nice and so organized. When you mentioned your stash of material, it made me think of this blog.
She does a wonderful job of organizing material in a box. I'm in the process of doing this for my stash of material also. I've only begun on getting the material into a box, but I'll put it on the hanging folders once I come across a good sale for them.
Also, your scrapbooks and Journals are easy to see. Have you seen the new "Smash" journals from K Success crafts now at Michael's Craft store? They even make video's on Youtube to show you how to make them. Makes me think of us doing this for so many years before in just our own little world of cut and paste.:)

donna said...

Running like crazy today but HAD to stop by and say how much I LOVE your pics :0). Warm, cozy,and so "together". Personally, I do not "do" clutter that well either so your neat rows of books and placed tea cups REALLY caught my eye! Hope you are enjoying you space and home...and happy blogging!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

It looks wonderful! I really love the English Country look!

I am so at home with your style....


Anonymous said...

Lovely the way you have things...and I also have the little blue plate...precious also because my beloved Grandma got it for me. She got me one other, but it is a small oval serving bowl..from that same kind of dishes...but those are packed away now...trying to get moved within the month.
Elizabeth in NC (only for alittle while longer)

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Very nice, Brenda...I have some blue transferware, too. Maybe that very pattern. (Oh, in my life I've acquired and inherited too many dishes! But love them.Just can't store them all.) When you mentioned the American Revolution I had a flashback to my first visit to Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto. When they said it was settled originally by loyalists who left the United States after the war, my first reaction was a sort of mental gasp and the word "traitors" flashed into my mind. Then I realized how ridiculous that was, and how much of an Anglophile I am, even though I had two ancestors who fought in the American Revolution.

Isn't it fun rearranging our "stuff". And doesn't it get a bit better each time. (Two rhetorical questions.)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I love the stacked teacups and transferware display!

It's fun to re-arrange what you have and get a new look.

You should see my craft area! What a mess. All my fabric is in bins and I really want to get on some shelves so I can see what I have. That's going to be fall/winter project (after I get my garden ready for fall planing).

Front Porch Grace said...

I really love the "at the moment" addendum in your post title! I am always puttering around changing things or adding new thrift finds here and there. And dreams? Oh the dreams!

Thank you for sharing, really enjoyed it!