Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Feast of the Hunter's Moon 2012-2

I never thought of taking pictures of the food from the Feast but that definitely is on my list the next time we attend.

However, to answer your questions... I filled up on hot spiced apple cider (perfect with the chilly weather) and two different trips to the Noodables tent.  With all the meat at the Feast, my favorite is their vegetarian offering of noodles and various veggies all cooked together in a delicious broth.

The cold weather also sent me to the Indian Fry Bread tent.  It was the first food I ever ate at the Feast so long ago.  I usually don't get it these days because I have the recipe at home and have made it many times when the kids were very young.  However, I haven't made it in years and it is perfect in cold weather.

I have the recipe for Noodables so I'll post it on Coffee Tea Books and Recipes soon and the Indian Fry Bread recipe is already there... here.  It is a wonderful bread to make with kids, letting them roll out or flatten with their hands the individual pieces of dough.  Then, of course, having an adult fry the bread.

Hubby, as usual, took the Feast part very seriously.  As soon as we arrived, he took this year's map of the food tents and circled all he wanted to try.  The Historical Association makes an attempt to keep all the food tents and other displays in the same area each year so we "kind of" know where we are going but with thousands and thousands of people there, he plans his way in engineering precision.

Let's see... I remember him eating bean soup with corn griddle cakes, Voyager stew, sausage on a stick, herb pork chops, Desperation pie (which is Indiana sugar cream pie), and a fruited drink of some kind.  Yes... I warned him that was a carnivore overload!

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher waiting at the Wabash River for the Landing of the Voyagers

I so enjoyed meeting my "blog daughter", Heather*, in person.  We both said it didn't feel like meeting for the first time since we've chatted online for years.  Heather is my friend who put together the "Wedding Recovery Box" for me to open when I arrived home from Christopher's wedding (so much fun!).

Heather and me with our cold weather garments!  :)

Now, remind me next year... promise... that if there is the slightest chance I will have my picture taken to put on anyone's blog I need to wear makeup and a more flattering jacket.

The remaining pictures are all of the Landing of the Voyagers.  I must admit to wondering if  anyone will fall in the river each year!

While the pictures tell part of the story, the real memories I take away from the Feast of the Hunter's Moon each year are a combination of sights, smells, tastes, and sounds.

I can't tell you how many times a member of my family and I have been walking outside on a cold day when the aroma of campfires or woodsmoke comes our way... or we hear a dulcimer being played... and one of us will usually comment how it reminds us of The Feast.

*Heather has pictures on her blog that are different than mine... here.


Rebecca said...

Your pleasure in this unique and interesting event is clear! I'm glad to have had a close-up via your posts.

Heather L. said...

And now I see what a good angle you had from your perch by the Landing -- such good pictures of the canoes!!!

Having forgotten to take out more cash, we had $18 to split for food, etc. So, we gave the kids a choice: they could spend $3 each and could spend it on food or a trinket or any combination. They actually all bought trinkets, some of them two trinkets (like deer feet and beaver feet!). Gluten free food is hard (Andrew) which is another reason I wanted to make our own apple dumplings. :) Someday I might want to go to the Feast all by myself and try all those delicious things!

Jane said...

Brenda, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful adventure! What an amazing undertaking! So happy to see anything that helps pass our nation's history on to the next generation/s! I enjoyed Heather's post too. What fun for you to meet at last!

Vee said...

Are you kidding me? You're as cute as a button and I would make John very happy to wear a red jacket as he has trouble picking me out of a crowd. He takes bearings of where we park the car and what I'm wearing. Ha!

So much fun for you and Heather to meet. I am going over to see her photos.

Your hubby's list of foods sounds pretty interesting. It's just a once a year thing, right? Enjoy!

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

You look adorable Brenda...what a cutie pie! Wow what a wonderful feast (and such a romantic name!) and my mouth is literally watering from your descriptions of the food! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Such a great event!

You look great in Red!

Thanks for sharing all your photos - I visited Heather's blog as well. How fun!

I am going to get to meet a blogging friend of mine this next week! Super excited!