Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Pantry Suggestions

Vintage kitchen with cell phone charging. :)

My, these antibiotics had better clear up this long running infection!  I'm pretty certain they are why I am feeling like I have been hit by a truck. 

Anyway, I think you will enjoy reading what others have to say about deepening the pantry and "prepping". 

These are all excellent blogs and websites...

The Way Grandmama Does It... here.  This link will take you to her Preparedness Challenge page which has lots of information and links.  It's an excellent blog!

The Survival Mom... here.  This website is well known for a reason, there is always good information on more than just deepening the pantry.

Homestead Revival... here.  Home of the Homestead Barn Hop, you will find lots and lots of great information.

What to Stockpile Due to the Drought... here.  An interesting list of what one may want to stock up on with rising food costs.

14 Questions People Ask about the Collapse of the Economy... here.  Realistic and informative article... not for the fainthearted.

Happy Reading!


Florence said...

Dear Brenda, I do hope you are feeling better soon. Feet up and lots of cool drinks, good books, and naps!

mdoe37 said...

Antibiotics can do that. I was put on some a while back and was feeling, well, really weary. (I wasn't that sick to begin with - caught it in time) After a couple of days, I looked at the bottle and they were 800 mg each twice a day!!! That'll do it!!

Vee said...

I'm checking out the first... So fainthearted here that a blast from a firecracker is enough to give me the vapors. Ha!

Yes, that is an interesting little corner with all the vintage items and then the cell phone. If a housekeeper in the 50s were to look at the photo, she'd recognize everything, but wonder about that little rectangle with the cord. Perhaps she'd think it was an electric razor.

Sunshine said...

I really, really hope you feel better soon. Sunshine

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Your kitchen is so cute! I love the colors.

I hope you are feeling better...this virus I have is leaving me wiped out and having trouble sleeping at night. :(

I have lots to read now on a quite Sunday....

Thanks for the links.