Friday, July 06, 2012

Heat wave and books and blogs for which I write

It is so hot here... just watering the garden early in the morning requires a change of clothes and walking down the gravel lane to the rural mailbox is miserable.  Next week we are to return to normal (temporarily) and those 80s will feel beautiful after days and days of over 100 degree temps (heat index over 110).

You may have seen the affects of the drought on the national news lately.  Some of the corn crops in our state have already been plowed under and if we don't get substantial rain soon we will lose a significant amount of the crops.  Agricultural economists are already predicting substantial increases in the cost of food from 3% to 10% (the higher amount for corn fed beef).

We stayed inside all of the 4th of July and watched fireworks from New York in the comfort of our air conditioned home.  (Do you ever stop and consider the miracle of technology?)  I then watched the repeat of the fireworks in Boston!

Anyhoo, the 4th of July is one of my very favorite Holidays in a favorite month.  I love the patriotism, the fun, the food!  Normally it is the kickoff of my birthday month (and Faith's birthday!) but this year the closest I got to the grill was when I watered the flowers on the deck.

What does one do when it is so hot and humid... read!  All I can handle outside is to keep the flowers and garden alive.

I finished reading the two Jonathan Edward's biographies on the Kindle last night.  I hope to write about them and other books next week.

I have decided to leave the 18th century for awhile, returning to the books (fiction and nonfiction) before and during the American Revolution in cooler weather.  Instead I've decided to go LIGHT!

I've been reading fiction, anyway, during the busy-ness of the wedding preparations.  But today I've returned to Mitford to wrap myself in the wisdom of Father Tim and the charm of the small town all over again.  I've started at the beginning and I'm not sure how many I will re-read (a few but probably not in order).

I need to get to the library and do an intra-library loan for the final book which continues the D. E. Stevenson storyline that started with the absolutely wonderful Vittoria Cottage and  (is it Bel Lamington, Kristi?) and Goudge's The Sister of the Angels.

I'm planning on taking a couple Miss Reed books off the shelf, along with a a Chesterton book on the Kindle ( The Man Who was Thursday) and a book of Jeeve's stories by Wodehouse on the Kindle (these Chesterton and Wodehouse books are free for the Kindle).

Summer is the time I love to read fiction, can you tell?

I've been doing a lot of writing this week, including three days of work for tomorrow's Pantry Post (obviously not "off the top of my head" this week).

There was a comment about a post finishing over at the Mom Heart blog.  No, I'm not starting another blog!  I am one of the writers for the Whole Heart ministries Mom Heart blog, which is a ministry to mothers which has been on Sally's heart for a very long time.  I am truly humbled to be among those other women, they are amazing writers!

Once in awhile, one of my blog posts from CTB&Me also appears at the Living Better at 50+ online magazine.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading your pantry post. They always give helpful tips.

In this heat the only thing to do is read in front of the air conditioner when we can. Another trip to Mitford sounds great. :)

Vee said...

I couldn't last in those temps...glad that you are staying cool inside. It'll be enough to just keep the flowers going very early in the morning I presume.

Vittoria Cottage...ah, yes, that's one on my list made from right here...must check on it.

Terra said...

Brenda, you are keeping busy, and I wrote a note to buy the Stevenson and Goudge books you mention. I do love the Father Tim books, and bought the complete Father Brown mysteries.
Keep cool!

Angela said...

HOT here in GA too! Just finished Gossip from Thrush Green and Affairs at Thrush Green- perfect summer reading! Leave those Russians for the dead of winter. Just started The Forgotten Garden this AM. Really pulled in so far. Stay cool! Angela

sherry said...

just ordered the 1st and 3rd stevenson books you mentioned, and ordered the 2nd via amazon. :o) looking forward, based on your recommendation, to be acquainted with a new-to-me author.

loved this post..

Anonymous said...

Ah the Jeeves books...mostly have watched the Jeeves and Wooster series...we have laughed and laughed watching those!! Love that British sense of humor (must be the genes?)
Elizabeth in NC

jemilyea said...

RE: D.E. Stevenson - 1-Vittoria Cottage, 2-Music in the Hills, 3-Shoulder the Sky, then yes, there's a link to 1-Bel Lamington and 2-Fletchers End. I've just been on a Stevenson reading spree. Maybe you've found a Stevenson fansite already but I really the the chart of her books and then there's the extremely detailed spreadsheet listing all the book connections.

Anonymous said...

Sister of the Angels absolutely must be read if you loved A City of Bells and Henrietta's House! Never heard of DE Stevenson, but will look for her now. Thanks! Love your pantry AND book reading posts! (-:

Anonymous said...

Oh, The Man Who Was Thursday by Chesterton is excellent! Enjoy! I'm with you. It is about all I can accomplish to keep the plants and bushes alive in this heat wave. I think we lost our mature tulip tree. So sad. I still have the last Mitford book to read. Bless you. Beth K.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I must read Goudge and Stevenson! I'll have to look for those books....

You are an excellent writer - so your in good company!

I too am thankful for A/C....I miss being outside in the summer as I usually am only out in the early morning or evening in this oppressive heat!


TeresaAngelina said...

Happy birthday - whenever it is in July :)

Judy Johannesen said...

I just picked up 5 of the Father Tim (Mitford) books in a thrift store yesterday - perfect summer reading for my fifteen year old daughter and myself.

While you wilt with heat we are rejoicing that summer may just have arrived here (Vancouver, Canada) this week. Finally, we got past 20 degrees celsius - three days in a row, with four more predicted. Lovely!

Birthday blessings to you.

Front Porch Grace said...

Sounds much like our pantry-similar tastes.

Nutella-party in a jar, love it, chuckled when I read that.

I wonder, do you have an Aldi's grocery store close enough to justify shopping there?

We are able to actually stock up on needed items regularly there. The closest is roughly 45 minutes away from our home, but it is near my university daughter, so we shop when we visit. Win-win. =o)

Front Porch Grace said...

So, somehow or another I posted a response to your pantry post on your book post. Leave it to me. *shaking my head* I apologize.

To keep on subject: I am currently reading Young Mrs. Savage by D. E. Stevenson. Really, really enjoying it.
For that I thank you and Lanier, from Lanier's books. I read many Grace Livingston Hill books, always loved Masterpiece Theatre, and public television for all of the English series, and then came BBC to cable. But I had never heard of D. E. Stevenson or Elizabeth Goudge. Thank you. Thank you both!