Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Drought woes

Someone finds a new use for the garden basket
I was hoping to get a couple more book posts written by today but I ended up having to go to the Emergency Room yesterday morning.  The triage nurse at my clinic advised me to go because of the symptoms from my ear infection (which is now in its' 7th week).

Thankfully, there is no damage to the ear drum but the ER doctor put me on a new antibiotic since the last prescription ended last Friday.  My favorite pharmacist warned me this stuff makes you sick... she was correct.  Blech!  So I'm behind not only in writing posts but also answering e-mails.

Anyway, I didn't water the garden yesterday as we'd had a little rain on Sunday.  This morning was my first time out for two days to check on it close up.  It was in distress over the weekend but this morning there are indications that most of the garden is fried.  It couldn't handle the brutal heat combined with drought.

I'm hoping to save the tomato plants although I had to throw away the Early Girl tomatoes that appeared ready, all of them were rotten on the bottom.  I've seen other people on garden blogs that had the same problem.  We'll see if a return to the 90s from the 100s will save the rest but folks... when your zucchini stops producing you are in trouble!

We're far enough north that a summer of continues temperatures in the 90s are unusual so you can imagine what six days of 100+ temperatures will do to the garden... even if we had rain.

I was telling my garden woes to Christopher today and he had the reason for it.  He works with the Corn and Soybean people at the University and they said private gardens are dying because the drought has reached the bedrock in some areas for the first time since around the time of the dust bowl (that being the 1930s).

So far our well is fine but my neighbor's mom had her well go dry already. We've let our grass go dormant and only watered the garden, deck plants, and the two perennials planted this spring near the fence line.  I noticed this morning that one of the hostas near the deck looks like it is dying, I've never seen anything like it before.

Christopher said they know half the State's corn crop is destroyed (I heard as much as 60% of it is gone according to the TV news).  If we get a good, long, soaking rain some corn will be salvaged but it will lack the quality of previous years.

I know I talked about this last week but it will be resulting in serious price hikes, some beginning soon and others showing up later (as when farmers have to pay more for animal feed).

The price of corn has already gone up enough that one local ethanol plant has had to lay off its' employees and others may shut down.  Corn is now too expensive to use for ethanol.

We are a nation seriously in need of prayer (and more than just drought)!

Hope to return tomorrow with a book post...

Picture:  I thought you might like a picture which makes you smile.  Miss Victoria has begun making the garden basket her new abode.


Vee said...

We certainly are a nation in need of prayer. Seems as if the whole world is in need of prayer. Crazy, uncertain times for sure...

Praying for rain, gentle and enough to replenish what has been lost.

Victoria is so cute...Cats do love a cozy spot.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your garden. Our lawn is pretty well fried, won't have to bother mowing it at least. Even in Canada we're broiling.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Some medicines make people extra sensitive to heat so take it easy.

Love the picture of Victoria.Give her a pat for us.

Jane said...

Goodness, I do hope you get some rain soon! We got quite a lot with 2 early tropical storms but need more.
I like Miss Victoria's new 'nest'!

Anonymous said...

Our temperature is over 100 but that is not that unusual for our summers. So far our town has not rationed our water. Our water tables here are actually very high. We have though always watched our consumption very close. I have several old gallon jugs with 2 small holes punched in their bottom I fill and cap again to give certain plants a drink and not waste water. Sitting it under the plant and refilling when needed. I want to do all I can and learn all I can now in case it is needed later. Same with stocking our pantry etc. Corn here on the cob and in the can has been on sale many places. I hope those who can stock while it is low.

I do pray you get some rain and the right amount soon. You need relief. Poor thing, you sure have had a bout of health problems. Don't let the garden stress you out and upset you more. Have any of the tea herbs dried out there and can then just be used?

Victoria has sure been a blessing hasn't she? I remember when you first described her and said she was just the cat you were looking for. God is so good to us isn't He... I have a neighbor cat who visits my yard and I love to see him. I am hoping he is a gofer cat!! :) Don't worry about e-mails and such extras just take care of yourself and hubby and try to get well. Sarah

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I'm so sorry you new medicine is making you sick, but I'm praying it will also make you well again. You've had too many health issues. For myself, whenever I do much more than normal I see signs of not being well and try to rest extra.

I pray you get lots of rain, enough to make the water table good again. Meanwhile, my friends in England are all complaining about days and days of rain and overcast skies and weather too cold.

Nanna said...

it's been way too hot here in Ala too, hope you get to feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Dry right down to the bedrock? That sounds biblical in severity.
I hope you get some rain soon. We had so much rain in the spring and very early summer,that I had to delay planting. A lot of my flowers got rusts, (wet seasons favor it) especially the hollyhocks. But now in the heat, we're not getting any rain to speak of. So far my tomatoes are looking good; the fish heads, egg shells, aspirin, bone meal, some comfrey/stinging nettle tea and a mulch of shredded leaves to retain whatever moisture there is in the soil is apparently working. (I use these things because of something I read on Love Apple Farms website years ago).
They need to be watered every other day now though.. (Don't look at my grass/weeds. I don't water it/them). My neighbors have been having trouble with blossom end rot, but I think maybe it's because they don't mulch the plants. They water them, but they don't mulch. I read somewhere that blossom end rot can result from too little available calcium or uneven moisture. Mulch wouldn't be much help in the severe drought that you're having, though. Comfey/stinging nettle tea is amazing stuff. Newly planted seedlings perked right up when I gave them a dose, but it STINKS! I blame it on the sewage treatment plant that sits across the canal from us. Oh, and I hope this year we actually get to eat a few tomatoes. Last year Hurricane Irene ended the season way early!
Happily, it's a great year here for daylilies, or "ditch lilies" as you call them. And herbs.
I hope your sinus trouble resolves quickly with your new antibiotic. STAY OUT OF THE SUN! I got the 2nd worst sunburn of my life in Indiana in OCTOBER!!! a few years ago, (and a stubborn age spot. too), because I was on an antibiotic. A sunburn in October??? I wouldn't want to risk it in JULY!!!
Congratulations on your son's wedding. He and his bride looked so wonderfully happy.
Sorry for the length of this. Once I get started talking gardening, it's hard to stop.
If you ever have some time, I'd love to hear from you. You may still have my email froma coule years back.


Heather L. said...

I'm sorry you are still suffering from an ear ache! How annoying to say the least.

I'm worried about all the price hikes as a result of this drought. Things are dying in the woods. it is sad.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Sorry you aren't well and that the medicine is making you sick. I certainly hope it cures the ear situation.

We are feast or famine here. First we're hot and dry as a desert and now it's flash flood warnings. Too much rain and no sun isn't good for the garden either!

Hope you feel better soon and that you get some rain!

Heather said...

Yes, we need rain here in Ontario too.
I'm so sorry to hear that your garden is suffering.
But I hope you can enjoy your reading and get on the mend.

Sibyl said...

I pray that you get feeling better also. I know how difficult it is to at times even think straight when you feel bad.

As far as the drought is, we have been in a drought state for going on 2 years now. One of the best things I can suggest to you, is to forget your yard, it will come back when it starts to rain, water your garden for those plants you think you can save that you can eat, can, or freeze. But most importantly water your house foundation. We gather the water that comes from the a/c condensation the drip pipe. Then we pour it on the foundation. We have been doing it for greater than 30 years. I am not saying it works or not---but thank goodness we haven't had any problems. I know doing it on a nightly basis has helped quite a bit. Also my husband does take the hose and water the foundation that he doesn't get with the condensation buckets. But to us our yard can be rebuilt, but if it is our yard or our house, we choose the house. Just giving you some insight.