Monday, July 23, 2012

Books on the shelf in My Room

I'm looking forward to meeting a bloggy friend Tuesday morning when she and her hubby stop by on their way to Chicago.  It's always a good thing when I can meet an online friend in person.  :)

It has been a little cloudy here (wish the clouds had rain in them) and I want a sunny morning to take pictures of My New Room. 

However, I had already taken pictures of the bookshelves that sit on Christopher's former dresser.

They contain some favorite titles although there are many more than these.  Some don't show up due to camera angles.


Rebecca said...

I see several of MY favorites on your shelves - Alexandra Stoddard, for example....

Front Porch Grace said...

Many of those titles grace our shelves, as well. Some that are the same are due to your book reviews, for which I thank you for sharing with other bibliophiles your favorites!

I love to peruse the bookshelves of my friends. You can learn so much about a person's passions and their life by doing so.

Thank you for sharing. Your room seems it is just the perfect spot for you.

I am praying for the Heartland of America to be blessed with life-giving rain.

In His Grace,

Vee said...

That's a lovely collection of Goudge books. Enjoy your time with your blog buddy. Hope that we get to hear all about it!

Children of Eve said...

Ahhh. Why does seeing your books make me happy? Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

Do you have any suggestions for a good summer-time book...something that has the ocean breezes, cottage living, family picnics?

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love having my favorite books nearby! I love to glance at them and remember their stories, and grab one to share with a friend!

Have a fun visit with your blogging friend!


Gina said...

I have many of the same books too. Love Alexandra Stoddard's books.

Morning's Minion said...

Visiting a friend's home I am always drawn to bookshelves. We share an abiding appreciation of Elizabeth Goudge. I have titles similar to yours from Victoria, books on decorating and gardening that are there for those unambitious, rather dreamy times when I am more atuned to thinking than doing.