Monday, April 02, 2012

Spring blooms

The azaleas were lovely again this year.  We keep two bushes even if the blooms only last around a week in this climate, which cannot make up its' mind between winter, spring, or summer.

I could not believe how fast the lemon balm has grown already.  This was one tiny plant last year and it obviously likes its' home near the water faucet.

I'm going to plant another one or two lemon balm plants in the same area, using them as an herbal ground cover.  My husband has been told lemon balm is very good for people with ADHD by an herbalist... I figure anything that tasty will be good for me, too.

Since this herb is not grown in the confines of the fenced in garden, I do make certain it is very well washed.  

I've already cut back some of it (as herbs love to be cut back, at least that was my excuse) and some of it is steeping in the yellow teapot above.

The last of the daffodils wilted late last week but they were beautiful while they lasted.  I'm so glad the previous homemaker loved yellow as much as I do, she planted lots and lots of these pretty flowers.

I'm continuing my "little at a time" gardening by hoeing the two remaining raised beds which had not received my attention this spring.  Even though they will probably not be planted for a few weeks (unless the long term forecast assures me there will be no frost)... I wanted to hoe them now while their weeds were small.

If there is one lesson I've learned while gardening it is that tiny weeds grow into huge weeds overnight!  These two raised beds will get hoed a few more times before planting if necessary.

I don't like weeds.


Terra said...

Your photos are pretty and cheerful. Love the azaleas and the lemon balm, and the yellow tea pot. You bring a little ray of sunshine with your post.

Vee said...

We so seldom actually use our herbs. I know, slap me. I'm going to have to learn how to make a lemon balm tea or a peppermint tea or whatever the variety. I certainly love the smell of lemon balm. Now I'm wondering why it's helpful for ADHD.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Lemon balm is tasty...I have some seeds this year to grow it! I haven't forgotten your seeds...I'll try to do it this week!


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Hi Brenda, Lemon Balm can be rather invasive, but if you plant extras at the edge of the yard where it will be mowed down if it encroaches, it should be just fine. I never knew that about ADHD and will have to have some more tea from mine. My azaleas won't bloom for quite a while yet. But other things are, and I find this season of the year a great joy!

Front Porch Grace said...

I see Kristi warned you about Lemon Balm. That was what I was going to do. It is growing everywhere around here now. I planted one little plant about 10 years ago. Boy oh boy does it ever grow prolifically. Some of it I have to pull up as weeds.

Some of the best tea I ever brewed was lemon balm and motherwort tea with just a touch of honey and I served it over ice. Yummy!

I am going to try to find some apple mint seeds or plants soon.

I just love "walking" through your garden with you.

Your pictures are lovely. We have determined to bring in as many flowers for indoor arrangements this year. Enjoying God's creation indoors and out. Spirea is so lovely and stately at home in a "vase" (blue bottle) with lovely lavender irises. Centered in the middle of my round table is another "vase" (clear, empty wine bottle) is a lovely bouquet of purple/pink azaleas that my daughter arranged in a ball shape. It's so thrilling to make our homes beautiful with love and imagination.

Love the inspiration!