Monday, April 16, 2012

It's so quiet here, there is an echo!

Knock, knock... is there anybody there?

Gosh, it is quiet here!

Although I can't say anything, I have been AWOL from my favorite blogs lately.

I cannot believe how much there is to accomplish in twenty-four hours these days.  I came home Friday afternoon after a morning of running errands and squeezing in a half an hour to go on the walking trail (instead of the usual forty-five minutes).

Upon arriving home, there was still rosemary to plant and a garden to hoe.  While walking back to the garden shed, I had one of those "If you give a mouse a cookie" moments and found myself in the midst of perennial greenery pulling the large (I mean, really... they are at least a 15" tall) native flowers weeds which want to take over my property.

I was gone most of Sunday (we had a lovely time with Miss M's family and at the shower).  Then today was full with a doctor's appointment and looking through the mall for a mother-of-the-groom dress.  I can't put it off, anymore.  It must be purchased.  And walking... in dreadful wind and cold... but I know me and if I do not keep up with a habit it somehow gets lost along the way.

It's a good thing unanswered e-mails don't suddenly disappear after two or three weeks.  I was thinking this morning how e-mails could be like the large jets circling Chicago's O'Hare airport waiting their turn to land.  Do that long enough and they run out of fuel.  (It is that kind of thinking which makes my children look at me in that odd way.)

Thankfully... hopefully... the same does not happen to e-mails unless they hold their breath and pass out waiting for attention as one does in Kindergarten.  What, you didn't?  Anyway, I have not forgotten you dear friends!

I did get quite a chuckle from the comments on the gardening pictures.  No, I haven't planted a warm weather "crop" like tomatoes or green beans, yet.  Our Spring has been crazy (as perhaps your weather has been, too?). 

We had a hot March and now a cold-ish April.  More frost is possible within the coming week so it is beginning to look like our normal planting date in May for warm weather veggies.

You can use recycled wood on a raised bed but personally I would be very careful.  You should never use treated lumber.  We used Southern Yellow Pine instead of cedar... it's much cheaper and (according to my husband who has a Master's Degree in Wood Science)... just as good for the price.   One of his gardening friends has used it for decades.

Now I am trying to decide between watching an episode of Doc Martin on TV tonight or putting in a DVD.  Last night after we arrived home, I was so tired I turned on the DVD just to see what was there already and up popped the familiar Franklin Springs music.  So... I watched The West Lady's show delicious bread recipes.

The only reading I've accomplished recently was on the Kindle while I waited... and waited... and waited at the doctor's office this morning.  :)

Picture:  Summer Porch


Vee said...

That is a sweet graphic. Did you find a dress? We had temps above 80 today, though we'll be slipping back down to normal for the remainder of the week.

Don't worry about Blogdom. You'll find us all out here when you're able to be back. It gets so quiet this time of year anyway, don't you find?

Terra said...

You sound so busy, just like me. The days can be a whirlwind of activities if we aren't careful. There is much to be commended in some quiet moments too.

Susan said...

Hello, sending out a quick message to say thanks for blogging. It has been a bit quiet in the great wide world of blogs these days. I think that is a good sign that Spring is keeping folks busy!

Just a bit of advice: if you see a lovely dress that fits (for the wedding) but it's not your dream dress -- get it anyway! I waited to find just the right thing to wear to my daughter's wedding and passed up a very nice dress - and regretted it later, when I was left with few choices. Oh well, the focus was on my beautiful daughter so it was just fine, really - but I learned a lesson.

Have a good day.

Nana said...

Hello Brenda!! It was great to hear from you, I always look forward to your posts. There is always that "let down" feeling after a busy time. Thats the time to regroup and gain our strength for more whirlwinds to come. Hugs, Nana

Mrs.Rabe said...

I hope you find a dress!

I have been a bit busy lately too, so if I have missed a post or two, I hope you won't hold it against me! :)

Is your blood sugar better? Hope the exercise is helping!