Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is this truly March?

My daffodils are withering so I've brought most of them inside.

It is in the mid-80s outside!  We have had 80 visit in March once in awhile but it never brought its' luggage and remained as it has this year.

Midwest weather can be quite unpredictable.  There is snow in Stephanie's wedding picture above (a picture of a picture) but it had been 80 degrees just a few days before and it snowed on her March wedding day... made for tricky travel but lovely Tolkien-ish pictures.

Knowing I will hear a few "I told you so's"... I've been nursing a pulled muscle in my back.  It was not from lawn and garden work, however.  It occurred when I moved one of the vintage picnic baskets full of magazines.  I should have known better.  No gardening today!

I had to be out and about early this morning, having the first of two tests at the hospital.  On the way home, hubby and I stopped by our favorite garden nursery to purchase kale, spinach, and cabbage plants.  I also bought two packages of nasturtium seeds to try growing them this year. 

I'm hoping the 80s leave soon so my cool weather crop has a chance to grow in... cool weather.  Although my kale has been weathering warm temperatures nicely in past years.  The nursery has a huge sign up by the tomato and pepper plants, reminding people one should never plant them until after we could have a frost... which in normal years is around Mother's Day.

For all who asked, I really am fine (unless either test shows up something we are not expecting).   I'm beginning to adjust to the increase in insulin.  It's ironic that I need more insulin due to rising blood sugar numbers but the increase brings about low blood sugar symptoms.  Go figure...

I will be able to share on Thursday all the information about the new ministry project I was invited to participate in.  But not until Thursday...  ;)


Vee said...

Hope that the pulled muscle responds well to rest and a bit of icing. Maybe a massage is in order...

Yes, our weathermen are telling us that this is not our new normal. It's just a few days of a glimpse into summer. We'll be back to normal by the weekend and we're already being warned of a snowstorm next week.

Sallie said...

I just posted on Twitter that our neighbors' trees just went full flower today (March 20). Last year they flowered right after we moved in on May 6.

We finally broke down and turned on the AC today. 85 degrees is enough whether it is March, May or July.

The 60's return soon and I can't wait!

Rebecca said...

Hoping the tests come out "clear" and your back doesn't give you too much trouble.

It has been an unusual spring thus far! No complaints though :)

I look forward to hearing more about your ministry opportunity.

Anonymous said...

S. Calif had a frost alert yesterday! :) With the absence of hardly any snow this year in parts of Ohio the peach trees and such did not get enough frost hours there so crops of them will be affected adversely. I guess God is giving us a chance to walk in another man's shoes so-to-speak with this weather change up! :) :) Take care Brenda. Sarah

Anonymous said...

I am not ready for summer- I was counting on more walking weather, I guess I will have to hit the mall. Poor Fonz will have to stay home. I am sorry you hurt your back. We often do things - we know better- can't adjust to this getting older falling apart business.. Linda

Mrs.Rabe said...

Rest those muscles.

I just remembered the other day that I wanted to send you some seeds. I'll pop them in the mail this week!

I have been weeding, with our mild winter the weeds never went away and with the warmth came WEEDS!

Sigh...the price to pay for beauty!