Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Recent thrift finds

The pretty spoons were just a couple of dollars for six of them.

I love it when Beauty meets my budget!  These spoons added interest to the "still life", the other three spoons reside in the twin crystal goblet which sits to the right of the silk flowers... I like symmetry.

A 99 cents Japanese teacup

Pretty teacups are not always easy to find cheap but the one above was at Goodwill last week.  I carried yellow roses at my wedding so I have a soft spot in my heart for the flowers.

Another 99 cents beauty...

This German teacup was sitting next to the one shown above.  Actually there were a lot of teacups that day but these were the only ones that came home with me as each offered a unique aspect to my collection.

I have other teacups with red roses but not one with the lovely creamy background (which you cannot see here due to the flash).  This is a gorgeous thrifty find.

I found three of these Friendly Village teacups at my favorite antique mall where I love to take a few dollars and think about thrifty decorating.  The antique mall does have expensive items but many of the stalls also sell budget friendly accessories.

They were quite inexpensive because they have those spider web cracks vintage china can get... which doesn't matter to me since I wash all dishes by hand.

Snowman 49 cents, crocheted potholder $1.00

The yellow potholder also came from the antique mall where one can find very pretty vintage accessories for only one or two dollars (the red crocheted potholder was a gift).

I do enjoy showing thrifty finds because to me it proves when you look for inexpensive ways to bring beauty into your home, your eye will be drawn to them.

I also get inspiration from other blogs when I see an item used in a way I hadn't thought before and I add it to my mental shopping radar.


Vee said...

Sweet spoons, tea cups, potholders, and ideas. Yes, I receive all my best ones from Blogdom. Thanks to Mary at Little Red House, I always pick up monogrammed silver if I can afford it even if the monogram isn't my own. I would gather in more tea cups if I could find a place to house them. Now I'm thinking that if I spy a crocheted pot holder, I'm going to snag it! I carried a single yellow rose across my Bible. I love yellow roses!

Rebecca said...

Such beautiful finds! And I agree that reading/viewing other blogs helps one visualize arrangements and uses for items I'd never thought of using in that way before...

Anonymous said...

I love the teacup with the yellow roses but all of your finds are pretty.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You did great? I'd love to come thrifting with you. You find such lovely things and sweet prices. I have been looking for Friendly Village items and what I have found is pricey, but I do love them. Glad you found more to add to your collection. I collect rose teacups so I love the one you fund.
Blessings, Sharon D.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty choices!!
Elizabeth in NC

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love it all, especially the tea cups! Great finds!

I agree with you that you can find beautiful things on a budget. Once you start looking you can find them everywhere!


Debbie said...

Lovely post! Isn't it amazing all the beautiful things that you can find at thrift stores? I recently found a gorgeous side table for under $15 and blogged about it. I love finding treasures!

Jackie K. said...

That German teacup looks like Rosenthal Moss Rose. We inherited a full set of that from relatives and is now our "good" china!

Lovely thrift finds - all of them!

In God's Grace, Michelle said...

Oh, our Father really blessed with you with many lovely things to add to the beauty of your haven, didn't He?
Smiling again.

(He led me to a beautiful yellow pottery cup at GWs while out last week. ~I adore pottery.~ I have had both my tea and my coffee in it ever since!)

Your post just made me all warm and cozy viewing the creative ways you surround yourself with budget-happy beauty.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

You do indeed have a good eye for these special blessings of beauty, Brenda.........