Saturday, January 14, 2012

This and That

It would be nice to discuss books and such in overstuffed chairs by a fireplace, sipping seasonal tea.  Instead I can only respond via blogdom... sigh.

So pretend we're sharing a cup of tea and a scone while chatting and I'll talk about some comments.

Regarding A Severe Mercy, when I first read it I thought the couple too totally immersed in each other, also.   It was so sad knowing how much they loved each other and that she would die fairly young.  Having lost my father suddenly as a child, I am very sensitive to writings about death and all.

However, I view it differently as I read it now.  I think Vanauken is sharing what a special gift their relationship was from God.  It was also interesting how Lewis would have a similar experience... loving one so much and losing them after too few years (from a human standpoint).

I must admit now concentrating my thoughts more on how they came to Christ and their time at Oxford with Lewis and the others.  I must read Sheldon Vanauken's lesser known (to me) works... someday.

Regarding Laine's Letters... her main website still exists.  If you go... here.  The directions about what to click to get her Letters archives, the This Week in My Home archives, and her Recipe archives are at the top of the homepage.  I believe what no longer exists is the archives of her mailing group.

I have three file folders of Laine's Letters print offs, mostly printed out as they originally came in over e-mails.  I would print them off and then save them to enjoy with a cup of coffee, tea, or something nice and cold in hotter weather.

However, I also took days (one summer I was not busy with homeschooling) and perused all of her letters and "In My Home" e-mails and printed out favorites I didn't have already.

You can still sign up to receive her letters on the website but she only updates every few months or so.  They did eventually adopt their little Chinese daughter although it took a few years of disappointments.

Spending time in the archives (beginning in the late 1990s) is time well spent for anyone who loves reading about making a home, good cooking, serving others, etc.

The first Stevenson books I read were the Miss Buncle books, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  A lot of people really like her Mrs. Tim books.  My very favorite, though, was Vittoria Cottage and the sequel Music In the Hills.  I thought Vittoria Cottage a very charming book.

There are many Goudge and Stevenson books yet to read!  One of the wonders of reading is the ability to escape to a kinder and gentler time (albeit a world war is rumbling in many English books).

I am so glad my Italian Friar friend (say that three times) Freddie is writing again... here.  He is constantly in my prayers regardless but I do enjoy reading about his work for the Lord.

The wonders of Blogdom is bringing us together in this world.  :)

Someday there will be no time or space between those of us who love Him... in our various different ways.

I started collecting tea cups long ago, most likely inspired by Emilie Barne's collection in her books and then receiving my first English teacup from a friend at a church we attended long ago.

My brown transferware dish collection began as my tastes changed a bit and I found myself attracted to earth tone colors more.  My mother loved to wear and decorate with the color brown, perhaps it makes me think of home?

Vee was right, when you begin to collect certain items... your eye begins seeing them more often.  I've been fortunate to live in areas where there were numerous garage sales, thrift stores, and antique malls (which are often easier on the wallet than antique stores can be).

I never intended to actually collect books... they just come home with me as stray animals would if I lived farther out in the country.

For those of you thinking of blogging... stop thinking and start doing.  My daughter encouraged me to start blogging and now I'm in my sixth year (and cannot believe it has been that long!).

Believe me, Blogger is a whole lot easier than it was when I first began... when it would often happen that one would write a long post and have it go "poof" (although I did have that happen recently with one of the Decorating posts just before publishing it... gasp).


Vee said...

Yes, be careful, Brenda, with that lavish praise. Ha! Actually, for all the communication that goes on, we have little to complain about with Blogger, except that I am now concerned over the number of blogs where I am unable to comment.

I bought the book A Severe Mercy last night when I found that I needed more dollars to get free shipping with Amazon. It's always handy to have such a book waiting in the wings. That's the one that you discussed that most intrigued me, though you are always so good with piquing my interest.

Do you remember the man who wrote a blog about the loss of his wife? It was gut-wrenching, yet without the relief that talking about eternal things affords. He stopped writing one day, though I've never forgotten and have prayed for him as he lurched and drank his way through his grief. I am already comforted to know that A Severe M will not be that sort of writing.

Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed having tea with you this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brenda. Sorry but what I meant was I understand about the Lanes Letters official web page. The group site I listed was the one you mentioned to us quite a while back as a second place and I had already been going to that to see any letters she wrote since I believe 2008 was they were only on that site. Her letters up to ones from 2011 were there only. They have never been added to the list on her Lanes Letters web page. When I was on the mailing list {years ago} I too printed out letters and also copied off many for other mothers. We changed our provider years ago and I wrote and told them of the new e-mail address but we never got reconnected. I played around one day and found her through the group site so I just went therefrom then on. I should have copied off all the newer letters when we had a printer but did not. Please let us know if you find out anything about her. I knew she got the little girl and her sons married and had children and such. I have read her letters till some time last year she stopped. I miss her...who wouldn't? If you hear anything...especially that they are ok let us know. Of course I hope to find those newer letters someplace on the web too...she has used different providers to keep her log of letters +the web page at least one other time before. I wrote Deborah through the Laines Letters web page but as of now have not received any response. If I hear I will let you know. I will sign up there too again and see if it works this time. I have a box of the older letters still and love to reread them. Thank you Brenda. Sarah

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I wish we could be in some cozy room together discussing books, too! Well, what is imagination for?

Just wanted to say that Music in the Hills has a sequel called Winter and Rough Weather in the UK and Shoulder the Sky in the US....And Bel Lamington links to Shoulder the Sky toward the end of the book........

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I wish we could be in some cozy room together discussing books, too! Well, what is imagination for?

Just wanted to say that Music in the Hills has a sequel called Winter and Rough Weather in the UK and Shoulder the Sky in the US....And Bel Lamington links to Shoulder the Sky toward the end of the book........

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Blogger comments is going crazy, to my sorrow....A long comment was just lost. But perhaps this will work.

The main thing I wanted to mention is that Music is the HIlls has a sequel called Winter and Rough Weather in the UK and Shoulder the Sky in the US. And Bel Lamington links to Shoulder the Sky toward the end of that book.......

And I wish you happy reading!

Angela said...

Laine's Letters (which I found out about from you) have been very helpful and encouraging to me. I, too, started printing them out to reread but never quite finished the job.

I wish we were drinking tea and having a scone........ I look forward to visiting you in your heavenly home and doing just that someday :)

Lynne-Aussie said...

I read your blog everyday, I love particulary your comments about your favourite books, I am now seeking Goudge and D E Stevensons books to read.


Thanks for the tea, scones and great book discussions.


Anonymous said...

It finally got in my thick brain what you were saying today....That the other Laines Letters 'group' site that is gone was probably an archive of her newer letters she e-mailed out. The ones on the web site were the earlier ones she mailed out..ones I got when I got the e-mails. I had always hoped all the letters...the older ones and the newer would be combined on one site. When you got the ones mailed to you they were also naturally dated and so you had the information in order. When you read the letters on the original site there are no dates added other than the Home and such ones. So one letter the kids are very young and another quite old and she changes her cleaning methods etc and you have no idea which is older or newer news. Too nick picky I know. Sorry. Oh!, if she could ever write a book!!! I guess she has by keeping even the original site up. :) I am soooo grateful that God gave her the talent and the willingness to write at all!! She like you, have a real ministry with writing. It takes discipline too. How you do it all I do not know Brenda. I am also very thankful and grateful for all your hours of writing..and if you ever do a book let us know!!!! For now we are all happy to see you here!!! Sarah

Anonymous said...

6 years! oh my! and i've loved you all this time.
joanna :)