Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Miss Victoria goes to the doctor

Oh, my!  Look at those eyes.  :)

Victoria got her wish to go out into the cold cruel world again yesterday as she and I visited Dr. Lisa.  We both adore Dr. Lisa, who has to be the world's nicest veterinarian.

Trust Her Highness to have a rare condition where the pads of her rather over sized (they are called snowshoe feet on Maine Coons, hehehe) paws swell and become very painful.

She was given another prescription and this time Dr. Lisa spent at least twenty minutes teaching me all about kitty paws and what to look for each month so we can start meds before Victoria is in so much pain she develops a limp.

Victoria actually loves her kitty carrier.  I left it in the house the rest of the day just so she could sleep in it before the carrier was returned to the garden shed.

Before her appointment, Christopher and I had breakfast together at the McDonald's near the Engineering Building on campus.  I was going to be on campus, anyway.  It has been a tradition in our family... begun one year when Stephanie was in elementary school... to have breakfast together on the first day of school (and in some years like this, at each semester beginning).

I don't ever remember it including Dad, he was usually working (or even traveling) for most of those years.  So having him with us breaks tradition.  Don't worry, Hubby gets plenty of spoiling, including Dad-Son going to University basketball games together once in awhile when Hubby's friend offers expensive tickets he is not using.

Saturday morning I awoke to a text asking if I wanted to meet for breakfast (his treat) at our favorite "neighborhood" restaurant (that being our former neighborhood).  It was the place we always went on the first day of school when we lived "in town" (for years the breakfast included his sister in late high school and college).

When it was just the two of us, his choice was often McDonald's so this semester he has both locations covered for nostalgia... and our last "first day of school" breakfast out.  Next semester he will be married.

I love how certain traditions last for over a decade.  Hmmm... so many of those seem to include FOOD. 

I'm working on a "Favorite Books of 2011" post which is taking longer than usual this year.  I lost the notebook where I wrote down the books I read.  I have a feeling it slipped behind a shelf but I've looked for it now for months to no avail... sigh.


Vee said...

You raised a good son there. I never see my son alone anymore. Never. I miss him sometimes.

Miss Victoria has hurting paws that swell and make her limp? Oh that does not sound pleasant. What causes it? With her great feet, I'm sure it's terribly painful.

I have lost a few items and it is driving me bonkers. My address book is lost. Can you imagine? Everything of importance and significance is in there. Hope that you find your notebook!

jAne said...

praying that your precious kitty's paws feel better oh so very quickly. poor thing, her.

i love traditions.
i'm not fond of traditions that are no longer traditions. sigh..sniff.

bless you. big time. dearly.

Anonymous said...

Such a nice tradition!! I do hope one that continues in some form or another EVEN AFTER marriage, though I would not count on that one!! (Speaking from some experience here). We have learned to take whatever is offered...but it has been way less. I have missed my son very much!! But don't say how I feel to him, as he has more than any human should have to do!!
Blessings, Elizabeth in NC

Suze said...

Pretty, pretty Victoria. I hope her paws feel better soon. My own Squeebles (male Maine Coon) has allergies. He has to take prednisone in small doses otherwise he licks his fur off and gets sores. I guess they would all do better in Maine weather.......certainly not Florida! Your weather is closer to Maine's - maybe she needs sea air.

joyce said...

I hope Miss Victoria gets better very, very soon. Sounds like you have a really good vet, and that means so much when you have a beloved pet depending on medical care and treatment.

Give Victoria a special "get better" hug for me!

Jayne said...

How marvellous to have some mother and son time. My youngest son was home from university for 3 weeks for Christmas, and we had some time out alone, mainly finding bargains in our favourite charity shops! Son found a great jumper he liked, and I got some great books.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Even though my daughter still lives at home (she'll be 20 next month!), I've already seen some "traditions" disappear.sigh...

Poor Miss Victoria! I hope her little paws get back to normal soon and she feels better.

Heather said...

Next semester he will be married ... oh how the days fly together to make up years which tumble by with far too much speed! What a fun first day tradition! My dad and mum have recently become part of the McDonald's breakfast crowd of retirees because they can get a fresh muffin and coffee for $1.39 in Canada!

freddie said...

so so so good to read about you again!! I love your story, your daily life and the way youwrite about it.
Thank you
take care

Anonymous said...

Victoria sounds like a very good kitty about going to the vets.
Kids grow up so fast don't they.

Sherry said...

I'm looking forward to your list, no matter when you get it done. I like your recommendations.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, I am further along the time line than you, so I've been dealing with this perplexing problem of misplacing things for awhile now. When I have looked in the obvious places, with no success, I have taken to asking God to show me where it is. Of course, He always knows, and He has always helped me. Blessings to you.
- a grateful reader

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea of breakfast with your son. We traditionally do a birthday dinner (alone with son or daughter), but breakfast sounds wonderful. My sons no longer rise in time for breakfast...Maybe I can bribe them with McDonald's. :) Congratulations to your son!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love that your son loves the tradition too, enough to think to ask you and plan for it!

Sorry about Victoria's paws...hope she is better soon.

I hate losing stuff - yesterday it was Sarah's math...finally she found it! sigh....

Have a delightful day!