Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Bookshelves

I finished reading Henrietta's House yesterday evening with the above ball of fur stretched out on my legs.  What a delightful little fantasy-fairy tale book with the beloved people from A City of Bells.  I hope you can find it at your library!  Today I return to my annual re-reading of Karon's Shepherd's Abiding.  (By the way, the rope you see on the floor is Victoria's "toy".)

I noticed some of the books yesterday did not show up very well so I took close ups of those shelves this morning.  Unfortunately, if I wait for good light it may be July so all pictures must be taken with a flash.

Some of my favorite books...

Now, how did the lovely Sarah's book end up with my Alexandra?  I will always keep that book, it has the loveliest note written inside... just for me... by my precious young friend!  The Frugal Luxuries books are autographed by my friend (the author) Tracey... a friend met first in books and then through blogging.  :)

Favorite tea and gardening books all jumbled together.

I don't have any of Sally's books here as I gave them all away to people I thought would love them.  But she would be here, too.

Below are some of my favorite cookbooks to take out and read on a snowy afternoon.

I can't tell you how many times I've perused Where Women Cook Celebrate.  :)

Written by Mother and then Daughter... wonderful books for those of us who enjoy Amish recipes.

I've had these two books for years and still enjoy reading through them.

More recipe books, just a few among many collected over the years...

Tomorrow... more pictures of bookshelves.

Note:  I've found both cooking and decorating books at great prices third party on Amazon and at Tuesday Morning.


Anonymous said...

I read one of Miss Read's books last week--The Christmas Mouse and Village Tales. Such a charming book, I loved it. Thanks for introducing me to Miss Read. I did a lot of my Christmas shopping through your Amazon widget. I hope you got a good credit from it. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.
Sharon D.

Jeanneke said...

Love your blog!
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and may 2012 bring Health, Happiness and Harmony to your Home and Hearts.
With love from The Netherlands.


Vee said...

They look like a bouquet. I don't think that you'll ever find yourself without quality reading material. I could settle in right now. Currently, I am reading "No Time on My Hands" by Grace Snyder. It's a lovely book discarded by a library and picked up by Suzanne (At Home With the Farmer's Wife) who, finding it so delightful, decided to share it by sending it off with a little notebook and a list of gals for each one to send it off to succesively. It's something I know you'd enjoy if you could find it in your local library and I think it's something that you might enjoy doing here sometime.

A cozy day with Victoria to you!

Terra said...

Peeking at someone's bookshelves is a good way to get to know them. For Christmas I mailed my aunt "Shepherds Abiding" and my stepmom "In the Company of Others", and bought myself a copy too. We do love Jan Karon don't we?

Angela said...

I love this peek. My cookbooks look different from yours (and are fewer), but I do have some books the same as you. I loved Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and also Run with the Horses.

Jayne said...

More lovely books, some I have never heard of, so they are going on my Amazon wish list!

Miss Read writes about Christmas so well, so I am reading some of her Christmas books, such as No Holly for Miss Quinn, to get me in the Christmassy mood!

matty said...

We have a lot of the same books! LOL Great minds and all that, I guess! I always find myself rereading books at certain times of the year. Right now, it is time for "Little Women" and "Aunt Jane of Kentucky." I might slip in "The Christmas Carol", too. I need a little Dickens, right now!

Linda said...

I love seeing all your books. I've been wanting to read Shepherd's Abiding again too, it's been a while. I'm in a mystery mode, but have all my Christmas books out waiting for me to get to them.

Anonymous said...

Great book collection. Give Victoria a pat from us.

Anonymous said...

You are so fortunate to have your little fluff ball to keep you company!! I so miss our beloved doggie who left us a year ago. And with many changes ahead of us, we cannot at this time get another. Maybe one day...hopefully!
Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you didn't take pictures of my books shelfs? :) I love these books too. I did though find a few different titles to explore later! I love peeking at book shelfs on blogs!! :) :) Thank you!! Sarah

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love looking at friends bookshelves!

I saw books I own and books I have never seen before! The "Return to Sunday Dinner" caught my eye. This has been on my mind but it would only be two weeks a month as we have a fellowship meal every other week at church!

Thanks for sharing you through sharing your books!


Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Hello Dear Brenda!

What a cozy way to spend an evening! A warm ball of lovable fluff on your lap while reading a good book! Your bookshelves are so inviting...and tidy!!! Mine are all topsy~turvy with books stacked in front of books. I need to be more like you in that way. :)

I know I've mentioned this before, but my dad always said that if you want a peek into someones' character just look at their bookshelves!!! Yours are a confirmation of what I already know...a good, kind, wise, faith~filled, thinking, soul!

I haven't read "Henrietta's House" or "A City of Bells" and I'm putting them on my fact they might already be on there. I think you mentioned them a while ago in one of your book review posts (all wonderful and so useful, by the way).

I'm off now to see why the kitties are mewing so loudly.

Sending love, prayers and good thoughts to you my kind friend, as always.


P.S. You honor me...yet again...with the kind mention. xxx

Heather L. said...

Oh I love A Return to Sunday Dinner and the River Cottage Family Cookbook!!! Books, books, books. Such fun. Am racing to finish some books by the end of the year so they can count toward my yearly tally. :)

Wanting to watch a Christmas movie but not sure of any good ones....I hope I find one. WE watched Tasha's "Take Joy" DVD last week. It really inspired the kids. I need to find a Child's Christmas in Wales too.....

jAne said...

we share an infinity for books and in fact have a number of same titles! love this having a view of your literary self. :o)