Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

I think my Christmas preparations are complete.  I know there is not a lot to do when Christmas dinner will be just the two of us but I am fixing a traditional meal (with lots of leftovers) while on a budget so I've gone to a few different stores for specials.  (We decided to keep the day with just the two of us and watch a favorite movie after the Christmas dinner.)

I texted both of my kids at the last grocery store that I was in sticker shock, it truly does seem the prices have doubled (Stephanie feels the same... that her Christmas dinner and baking seems like it costs twice what it did last year).  I am so glad that I know God provides every need and throws in some desires met here and there.

I had to smile at the remarks about my sofa in yesterday's post.  That sofa was purchased when we moved into this house specifically for this living room.  It was the second time we shopped for a living room sofa that we ended up getting something entirely different than we originally had planned.  The first time was in the 1990s for a previous living room.

We knew we wanted a sleeper sofa and we did get that.  We knew it had to be high quality, I am married to someone with a Master's Degree in furniture engineering.  But the color and style was completely different than planned.

In the showroom, we found ourselves leaving the sofa that was much what we had planned for the room and coming back to this one.  It looked much like one would fine in a refined "old time" men's study (the color is even called tobacco!).

Since I had to use the flash, the entire room looks more white than it really is (the color of the walls is taupe).  We decided to purchase that particular sofa and it ended up being perfect.   It is my favorite place in the house to curl up with a book or watch a DVD.

Yesterday I received a package from Amazon via UPS that made me laugh.  For it was an exercise DVD and I knew who had to send it, only my daughter would send me such a gift.  Anyone else would be certain I'd take offense.  It's one of those walking DVDs (with "Christian" music) and I'm looking forward to trying it.

She and I had been talking about ways I could exercise as the county roads are too narrow for safely walking.  I've been gaining weight just a pound or two at a time but it's beginning to add up (and I really am resembling the Pillsbury Dough Boy around the middle)... and it will help my blood sugar levels.

Speaking of Amazon... thank you all very much who ordered through the Amazon widget.  That, too, has added up (although I'm happy about that accumulation) and I look forward to receiving the credit in February.  Credit received each month was earned two months previously in case there are any returns.

I will be back on Sunday and then I'm taking five or six days off from not only blogging but I must take a partial internet break.  I am way behind on returning e-mails and I must sort through the stack of papers and other "stuff" which has accumulated to find the Recommendations List (about twenty-five pages of print outs).  That is a priority come the new year.

I'll also be spending time in prayer and pondering the Word from Him and the word for next year.  I think I know what it will be already.  Okay, I thought of it and then I lost the thought.  Most of you over forty know exactly what I mean.  ;)

Thank you all for your friendship, the unexpected part of blogging.  I remember reading on Susan Branch's blog (yes Grace, I do LOVE Susan!) what it felt like when she received her first letter from a reader.  She didn't realize when she "wrote" her first cookbook that it would bring with it those kinds of friendships.

While this blog is on a much, much smaller level... I am blessed by YOU.

Merry Christmas!


jAne said...

i've carved out a good amount of time to pour over your posts. they're rich and thought provoking. know that. :o)

i'm also in sticker shock. as such, i'm thinking that future holidays will be even simpler in nature (food wise..and otherwise). we'll have 8 around our table on Christmas Day so more groceries were needed. thankful how God provided the funds for that. our daughter is bringing 3 friends to the table .. sweet gals who have families far away. i put together a few gifts for each of them, including a whoopie cushion for each, so hoping they'll be pleased with opening some fun things.

that walking-exercise video? is tracy her name? if so, i have one of those and rather like it - prefer it actually. hoping you will too. :o)

Vee said...

Merry Christmas, Dear One!

You and I are suffering with similar afflictions...some extra fluff in the middle. Stress, as you know, can do this, so exercise is surely an answer.

I enjoyed reading the story about your sofa. We are in the market for a new sofa and some new chairs. I, too, will be looking for a sleeper sofa as the Haven doesn't have a lot of bedroom space, yet I like to be able to offer a bed. It's important sometimes. Dare I ask what brand you settled on?

Listen, if I could buy a stove at Amazon and have it delivered by tomorrow, I would! ☺

Enjoy your Christmas. It sounds cozy and charming. You know how to create respite for both you and your hubby. I hope that the newly engaged couple will be dropping by later in the day for a visit and a cup of hot cocoa and a piece of pie.

Susan said...

I pray you have a lovely day, enjoying good food and a favorite movie. Of course, now I'm curious what that movie is!

I'm sorry for the sticker-shock. I'm agreeing with you that all needs will be met.

Merry Christmas, and know that I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, dear blog friend! Hope it's a wonderful day for you and your hubby. On exercise, I like the Leslie Sansone walking DVDs, but I've been told I have to change it out with weights, a variety of other exercise DVDs, and getting outside in the cold to walk ... supposed to burn "brown" fat. I did my step aerobics DVD this morning and then some exercises to strengthen my neck and back. I yelled for my hubby to come and peel me off the floor. He did and then he rubbed me down with peppermint essential oil. I told him I think I'm too old for this! He just laughed at me and told me it will make me younger. : >) Sigh! I sure hope so!! Enjoy your exercising. They say it needs to be fun. Sometimes it is, but mostly, it is just a lot of work. (smiling out loud) Pam

Anonymous said...

When I walked into the grocery store and saw flour at $5 for 5 lb. I too was in sticker shock! What happened to the holiday baking sales where this same brand of flour was on sale for 69c or 99c? Remember the things we Used to count on being on sale for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals? No more. Yes this is turning us who believe in to more dependence on God and this is not a bad thing in itself. I sure know we are watching the sales Very close any more and stocking up when possible. I too love the classic style of your cozy sofa. I think Victoria agrees! :) Sarah

Christiane said...

Joyeux Noël et meilleurs voeux de France !

Heather L. said...

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!!

freetobeme - Anita said...

Merry Christmas, Brenda! Take as much time off as you need...but please do come back. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Give Victoria a pat from us.

Mrs.Rabe said...


A huge gift to me this year has been finding a kindred friend in you! jAne is already a dear friend and Vee is another new dear friend this year, too!

You are right that the unexpected thing in the blogging was finding friends!

Merriest of Christmases to you and your hubby...


Anonymous said...

Hi, Brenda. Happy Christmas! If you have a chance, check out the Star Wars snowflake designs (cut out of paper like the old fold and cut ones). If you're into Star Wars, you'll enjoy them. I hope you and your husband have a lovely time on Christmas day. dinner and a movie at home sounds wonderful to me! Dee/NY

Anonymous said...

A very blessed and grace-filled Christmas and New Year to all here and yours.

Angela said...

Merry Christmas to you and your husband!

Storybook Woods said...

Dear Brenda, have a very blessed Christmas. xoxo Clarice

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family during this most Holy season.


Lallee said...

Merry Christmas, Brenda. Hugs to you and Victoria.

Lori said...

Merry Christmas Brenda! I hope you and your husband have a very special peaceful and blessed day.You are a blessing in my life and I am sure you are to many others as well. Hugs!!