Thursday, December 08, 2011

Christmas decorating - Family Room

I had planned to post this earlier but my wireless suddenly stopped working.  We thought the problem was with the phone company so we let it go over a day before calling again.  We ended up having to move the router to a different plug in. 

The lamp still works plugged into the other one but not the router???  Strange... but it is in the area which took the direct hit from the lightening (as I tried to explain to the nice customer representative).  At least we are back online now.

Oh, the cute snowman couple with the quilt around them shown in the last post was a gift from my daughter when we still lived in our larger house (the one we ended up having to sell) so it is about eleven years old.  I love it so much, it stays out all year!

Below are pictures from my family room, which used to be the room in our house that I least liked.  Through the years I've tweaked it off and on so it is now warm and cozy.

Except for the tiny tree on the converter box, this is what it looks like all year.  I keep the rustic tree in the crock out all the time.
These shelves used to stay on my porch but they now reside inside permanently.

The throw on the chair usually sits on the vintage suitcases but the Christmas fabric I'm using for yo-yo's temporarily sits on it (under the snowgirl).

This lamp used to be huge but I made it smaller when Stephanie handed down her lovely small lampshade to me.

My parents were married on Christmas Eve and this is their wedding picture.


matty said...

So pretty, Brenda! It is homey and warm, but not overdone! One can admire each piece and enjoy it on its own or as part of the whole "dressing". Marvelous! And inspiring!

Mrs.Rabe said...

It does look warm and cozy!

Love the lampshade Stephanie handed down to you and the cute snow people everywhere....

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Your home looks so pretty and Christmassy. I especially like the candle lantern (?) in the last picture. Do you mind if I ask where you got it?
It looks like you have some snow already. 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas' :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you even had a family room! :) Yippee, more room to have fun playing around with your pretties in. :) ... And pretty they are!!!...I wonder though, how you make a lamp small?? :) :) Sarah

happy little cottage said...

Hi Brenda!! Your home is looking very festive and cozy!!! I love your parents wedding photo, how awesome to be married on Christmas Eve!! Be Merry!!!

Morning's Minion said...

A warm and friendly room! I wish I had more of the decorating for Christmas spirit.
I see that you give special place to James Herriot and Jan Karon, both authors whose books are 'keepers.'

Karen Andreola said...

"Oh, you like that book, too?" There is something sweetly special about finding another who has lived in the same world you have. "No Holly For Miss Quinn" is one of my favorite stories. Miriam Quinn does become engaged in Miss Read's "Summer at Fairacre" but it is only a brief mention.

Thank you for the link to my Christmas Yo-Yos. I hope you will picture the yo-yo garland you are making. You've left us in anticipation.

"Surprised by Oxford" sounds interesting and uplifting.

Karen A.