Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wind and Goudge

I have loved reading your comments on the Nesting post (here).  Please feel free to continue commenting on it, I'd love to hear how your nesting is more Mole than Martha.  :)

I have been under the weather... literally.  I think it was a combination of trying to do too much earlier in the week and the huge weather changes yesterday, which came with a blustery wind and plunging temperatures.  I was suppose to meet with two friends from my old neighborhood but I couldn't... sometimes life happens.  I am feeling much better today.

I had just placed a pillow on the front room sofa when Stephanie called.  I told her how I felt (well, she asked!) and her recommendations were sofa and Goudge.  Which, of course, made me smile as I not only had my fluffed up pillow on the sofa but my copy of A City of Bells lay beside me on the coffee table.  Yes, it did receive my full attention after the phone call.

Reading Goudge while comfy on the sofa as the rain was beating against the window... very cozy.  Perhaps the only thing which would have helped was having someone bring me a cup of tea.  I just may have to ask for apple cider or herbal tea K-cups for Christmas... that way hubby could actually make a cup for me.  (His idea of making tea for himself is nuking a mug of water and throwing in a tea bag... sigh.)

I had originally rebelled at the idea of tea made in K-cups... except my daughter who has five children and doesn't have time to make a proper cup in a teapot most days says it is quite delicious.   I tried the herbal tea K-cups at her house and I was gifted with apple cider K-cups... both surprisingly yummy.  (I have to have my caffeine fix only in the mornings and go caffeine free later in the day!)

Hubby is beginning to nicely recover although being fully warned by his doctor at the local VA Clinic that tests show he has osteoporosis and not to put himself in danger of falling.  He was working on organizing the garage yesterday and I couldn't help.  I had previously started organizing it when he could not help.  Hopefully we can work together soon and get it all nicely organized before dreadfully cold winter sets in.  :)

Picture: Raking Leaves;


Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

I like the remedy.... I hope you are taking your doses regularly!

Which now makes me want to add a Goudge atop the Wind and the Willows.

Get well.. be well.....

Anonymous said...

This working smarter, not harder as we age is a real challenge some days isn't it? I am sorry you are ill again!! I hope you figure out some things you can do to avoid this maybe...hubby and I used to get B12 shots (well I learned how to do them for us) and we had not been for a very long time...decided the other day we had to do something and sure enough, it has helped!! With energy for sure...but we seem better otherwise too. You might see if that is something that would help you (it was only $5 a vial the last I knew...and that makes 5-10 shots, depending on doseage). You might need to find a more natural medicine doc for that part...but our regular MD
"humors" us...he is somewhat interested in natural things too. You may remember we have diabetes to contend with as well.
Blessings, Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

Surprising isn't it when our hubbies have osteoporosis. They keep warning women. Yes now that we are not spring chickens we find we have to work together. His one leg will be hurting and my other will...Almost comical ! Not funny ha ha funny but sure makes you understand what help mate means for sure! :) If something really needs done it gets done..somehow. Some days though, things can wait! Other things can wait a Long Time! :) If we cannot do it we Can sit and enjoy a pot of tea! :) Sarah

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I hope you and your husband are both well soon! We had snow on the roof this morning, and on the ground on the north side of the house....You won't want to be working in the garage soon!

I'm trying to decide about buying the machine to use K-cups...You seem pleased with it. I think my son would like it. Such decisions!

I'm wishing you happy reading and all that makes you feel warm and cozy this time of year.

Martina said...

I love "City of Bells" also. Just recently I discovered "The Rosemary Tree" which I enjoyed tremendously. Should you not know it, I recommend it dearly!
Your day of rest sound wonderful!
Best to you, Martina

Heather said...


I am sorry you are not feeling well!! I will be praying for you!!

I read my first Goudge the other day. I had seen you and the Clarksons recommend it so I thought I would give it a try. It was the Scent of Water. I thought she was wonderfully descriptive. I don't know if it was the mood I was in but I just didn't care for it. I wanted to like it! ;o) I also don't care for the use of the "B" word. ;o)