Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Tea

The blustery days of this past week have pretty much taken most of the leaves from the trees.  It now looks and feels like November.  Which has brought with it some fall housecleaning... both heavy duty and of the puttering kind.

For instance, along with organizing the garage I've been tweaking the tall bookshelves in the living room, thinking about places like Oxford, and pondering the coming Holidays, looking through some old Victorias which are kept in two vintage suitcases (the kind one would take while riding The Orient Express), and snuggling on the living room sofa at the end of the day re-reading A City of Bells... as with my cleaning, just a little at a time.

This rather unusual wafting of thoughts through my mind came together in ponderings about Traditions and all that is Lovely and how one can Create a room to reflect the person one has become.  Now that it is that time of year when what is inside a house takes new importance and the Holidays are nearer on our calendar.

As I wrote last week, my house is decorated in a very Mole-ish way.  Although I have great respect for Martha's ability to teach me the techniques of cooking and cleaning... it is definitely in the spirit of Mole that I find my style... you know, the candle light and the old books and the cushy chairs and the throws and pictures of family here and about.

Mole would definitely keep old copies of favorite reading materials in vintage suitcases while his more explorative friends would fill them with clothing and be off on another adventure.  I would hope when my friends and family are experiencing far off places... they think fondly of my little home and the day they will once again share from the larder.

I think I will continue to ponder the mysteries of life such as our need for Tradition and having a Place and Becoming and Holidays.  They will (hopefully) take thought and then words for another Sunday.  But this weekend, I'm still thinking of Mole and Home and being cozy and peaceful inside as the winds are raging through the forest.

I have finished re-reading my book and now feel the need to pull White Christmas off the shelves... dust it off... make some popcorn and hot chocolate with just a few marshmallows (mini, of course)... and enjoy another time and place...where only old movies can take us.


MelMel said...

I love White Christmas.
Just thought I'd pop by and say hi!


Kimberly said...

I think the difference between the Mole and the Martha is the difference between hospitality and entertaining. You (and I) enjoy loveliness as a means to bless others (and ourselves) as opposed to entertaining and impressing others. One may be entertained and impressed by the Martha, but leave feeling lesser and unable to live up to it all. In contrast, one will leave refreshed and renewed after visiting the Mole. One hopes, at least. Besides, we are just "practicing" hospitality. One cannot expect perfection.

hmsclmom said...

I too share your "style" Brenda. I'm going to be curling up in bed later watching one of my favorite holiday movies also. :)

Jane said...

Sounds like the absolutely perfect wait to wile away a Sunday afternoon. Your idea of a mole-ish home sounds perfect to me.

Anonymous said...

Hot chocolate and White Christmas sounds like a great combination.

Maybe the difference between Mole and Martha is Comfort vs. Trendiness. I'd choose comfort any day.

Melissa said...

Yes, a relaxing day today after church and then an old movie. I watched "By The Light of the Silvery Moon", it has a humorous Thanksgiving day scene and a wonderful snow/ice-skating scene also.

Do you know of any other movies that might have a Thanksgiving Day theme?

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Your style is what Austrians call "gemutlich" - the closest English word is cozy. It's not a tiny bit pretentious, but rather homelike. And that's all to the better, I think!

Vee said...

Some old photos take me to that "other place." If it's got a certain yellow tinge, I can get lost there.

I've been thinking about watching A Christmas Story because we were laughing so that my son's technique for tossing the boys into the leaf pile was reminiscent of scene where the elves move the children along.

Seems as if our Novembers are matching thus far. Oh, your daughter...she must have her power
back by now???

Morning's Minion said...

It is odd how the change of clocks last week has pulled winter in around our ears--even though it is still warm in our part of KY. The nesting/hibernating urge does become insistant as the nights draw in.
I chuckled over your husband's method of making tea. Although I usually use a teabag and a mug [rather than one of my teapots]somehow 'nuked' water is not an option.

Michelle said...

I have been contemplating our need for and love of tradition lately, as well. Pleasant to read your thoughts on the matter.
In Christ,