Saturday, November 26, 2011

Feeling a little better

I was able to pull together a small Thanksgiving dinner Friday evening with a turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and just canned green beans and corn.  I had made a pumpkin pie already before getting sick. 

Christopher spent the afternoon here resting and working on a project (being a computer science student, he can do some of it on his laptop and finish the rest at the lab).  That meant he was also able to enjoy a second (albeit much smaller) Thanksgiving dinner with us before returning to campus.  He said he was still full from the feast he had with M.'s family the day before but he ended up with three helpings (my husband says it's my gravy they can't get enough of...).

The turkey was an answer to prayer.  Finances have been really tight this year and we had prayed for a turkey.  Hubby went to a food pantry at a local church last Sunday afternoon and brought home a TURKEY.  Much rejoicing and appreciation... especially as one knows all they have comes from Him.

I was telling the retinal specialist (as I thanked him for taking patients from the clinic for only $5.00) that we never expected to end up in our financial position when hubby was working on a Master's Degree and worked as an engineer but "life happened".  At one time we were very financially secure and then hubby's illness started getting to the point he could no longer hold a job.  We went through all our savings and the equity in our former house.

Sometimes I do get frustrated but then I look around and know I really can't complain, He has made my boundaries in pleasant places.  Of course, my theology is Reformed enough that I believe all that comes our way first goes through His hands. I often ask Him what I'm to learn from this... what I can share with others experiencing difficult times.

That has only come from years of walking with He who is Peace and seeing what He has done over the years.  Instead of being all cranky and such... there are times I wake up wondering what He is going to do that day. 

I have watched Him... when I was in the midst of such troubles that I had to remind myself to breath it hurt so much... perform miracles which could only come from an eternal and infinite and loving God... three in One... Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Life with Him is far from boring. :)

Yes, I do have to be very careful as having a chronic illness means an impaired immune system.  I had just been to my three month doctor's checkup on Monday and received a flu shot for influenza.  This milder flu has been going around and both hubby and Christopher had it earlier.  It seems to run its' course in a few days.  I'm quite tired but better.

Today the weather is unusually warm for November so I'm going to make an attempt to further clear the garden for winter.  The forecast is for much colder weather and snow coming in soon.  Hubby's collar bone is healing enough to do some outside work today, too.  I'll let the turkey stock simmer on the stove and plan leftovers for dinner.  :)

Oh... I will try to write a Q & A post next week for all the questions in Comments.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are better. An aunt told us years ago how much benefit she was getting from taking garlic pills (from Costco about $6 a bottle now). We take 2 a day, AM and PM...have been around our very ill son and family and so far, so good. With diabetes, we are prone to catch germs easily...this is helping us. Along with taking other vitamins like Ester C.

We are approaching a very changed part of life as hubby feels he has to retire and not work longer. Tho' next month he will only be 62 and we do not own a house nor have very much in savings. We know we will be very much in GOD's hands. We are paring down in order to live much smaller. We do not know where we are going. We have a few ideas, but that is all. But we won't take a single thing with us. I do understand, my hubby is an engineer too. Life has handed us difficult places too. But it is ok...
Blessings, Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better but it might be best to skip the gardening for now. Just rest and recuperate.
Reading your blog is helpful because we know your advice comes from hard won experience. Unlike a lot of "experts" who tell us what to do but you can tell they haven't really 'been there.'

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I'm so happy to hear you are better and that a turkey did arrive on your dinner table yesterday!

Peace to you, Brenda.

Fixing My Thoughts said...

Glad you're feeling better Brenda, and that you were able to have a nice dinner, albeit a little late. I checked out A City of Bells from our library on your recommendation and am thoroughly enjoying it! I'm grateful to you for sharing about what you read! Blessings to you and yours, Bess

Anonymous said...

I too am glad you are feeling some better. Take it easy and go slow and don't over work. Being out in the sun shine might do you some good but not if you over do it. So many we know are feeling their belts being tightened even tighter through no fault of their own. Just when you think it cannot get any does. How those cope who do not have deep faith is beyond us. These times are very tough. I have had several young people tell us that their friends have... finally...realized the value of a dollar and stopped over spending and started listening to their parents and people who are wise in the ways of saving. It is about time they said. They feel at least some have learned good life lessons...hopefully not too late due to the economy. Also hopefully lessons they will remember and keep using. Thank you Brenda for your sweet lessons. Sarah

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! Actually I stopped getting a flu shot about 6 years ago after I got horribly sick a week later with the flu(a few days before Thanksgiving). My husband on the other hand swears by them but he gets his really early because apparently it takes a month for it to kick in.

Anyway, don't over do it and take care of yourself.