Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Amazon and Goudge

Okay, they really don't have anything to do with each other except I'm answering a couple of questions.  :)

First, I was asked to explain how bloggers receive credit from Amazon.com again.  Whenever you order from Amazon.com, if you click on any book or object within the blogger's Amazon widget (mine is called something like "My Recommendations"), then the blogger receives a small percent of whatever the purchase price is on an order.

It isn't much but it really can add up.  I use mine to purchase books and items I normally could not afford.  I know some of my blog friends use their credits for homeschooling books.

You are not charged extra at all, it is just something Amazon does as we're encouraging you to shop there with our widgets.... and they truly do offer great service.  You don't have to order anything that is shown on the widget, you just have to "enter" Amazon.com by clicking on the widget (although I love the items I've recommended there).

You do have to re-enter Amazon through the widget each time you have completed your order.  I hope that helps and hasn't confused you further.

As for Goudge... oh, I am embarrassed to offer much advice as I've only "discovered" her within the past couple of years.  Although, I found out she was one of my late mother-in-law's favorite authors.  I also wondered where to begin so I e-mailed a couple of my favorite writers and Goudge enthusiasts (who introduced me to her)... Lanier  (who has written a lot about Goudge books) and Sarah... who offered advice.

It was suggested I begin with Pilgrim's Inn (called The Herb of Grace in England), which is the second of the Eliot trilogy but is also a "stand alone" novel.  I adored the book!  I read the first book in the trilogy later, called Bird In the Tree which is also lovely and offers an understanding of the events of Pilgrim's Inn... so I would recommend it.  I haven't read, The Heart of the Family, which is the third in the trilogy but Stephanie did and said it didn't add much to the story.  I will read it someday just to come full circle.

I do understand the reader who said she didn't care much for The Scent of Water.  While it is one of my favorites, I do admit it can be very melancholic and a little Gothic.  I think one of the reasons I like it is having lived with a husband who is bipolar now for a very long time and having a sister who was prone to depression.  It deals with the subject beautifully.

Speaking of Gothic, at first after I finished The Middle Window, I didn't think I liked it much.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it is a truly Gothic novel with ghosts from the past and such.  I think if I knew that to begin with, I'd have enjoyed it and not been rather confused.  I don't own it or I would re-read the book, knowing more about what to expect.

I do own but have not read Green Dolphin Street, which if I understand is the only book of hers made into a movie.  Personally, I thought the movie dreadfully depressing and then Stephanie told me the book is equally a downer.  Right now I need encouragement so it is on the "to read someday maybe" mental list.

My favorite titles?  It's a tie between A City of Bells and The Dean's Watch... both of which have become a part of me and my thinking... a sign of truly great literature.... to be read over and over.  Although, I would definitely re-read Bird In the Tree and Pilgrim's Inn many times, too... and The Scent of Water so as it would not feel neglected.

Both A City of Bells and The Dean's Watch have story lines which remind me of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, to lovingly mold us and shape us as one would work with fine china to form us into the image of The One Who Created Us.

Stephanie says I have to read I Saw Three Ships, which I plan to see if the library has soon.   It is one of her children's books with a Christmas theme.

Do I have a Goudge book I'm coveting to read?  Oh, definitely Henerietta's House (aka: The Blue Hills) which is a children's book sequel to A City of Bells.  But it cost almost $200 in paperback and nearly $300 in hardback used.  I don't want any book that much!

I'd also love to read Towers In the Mist, which is the third of the City of Bells books.  I'm hoping I can find it and the above book through inter-library loan.

I have some of her other books on my "Goudge shelf" to read soon... lovely titles just waiting to be delved into perhaps this winter... both fiction and nonfiction.  I'll share more about those titles when I read them.  I'd love to hear about your favorite Goudge books.

I am so thankful to have bibliophile friends recommend Goudge and D. E. Stevenson's books.  They have been lovely additions to my reading.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! I am always thrilled to hear your book reviews and ponderings. I am embarrassed to say though, that many times I have never heard of the author before. Where have I been? :) It is such encouragement to hear about new worlds {books} out there to discover! Have you ever thought about putting your book thoughts in the list on your 'page' or another spot on your side bar? Books are so much a part of our lives and yours it might help to have these posts listed to go back to as a reference. Like you do the pantry posts. Which I do reread. Just a thought. Sarah

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Brenda, there's a PB version of The Blue Hills on ebay for $11. There are some other hard copies for less than on Amazon. I love Amazon but it's not always the best place for older books. I sometimes also buy books on etsy (it's not just for handcrafted items).


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Oh, Brenda, I have an extra pb copy of Henrietta's House and will be happy to send it to you....It's rather a fantasy as it goes on, but nice. And you know the people.

Pilgrim's Inn was also my first Goudge. I read it in high school. My mother bought books from the Literary Guild and this was one on her shelves.

Terra said...

Oh dear, I wrote down notes on titles of Elizabeth Goudge that you recommend here. I say oh dear because my TBR reading list is long.
I read one Barbara Pym (Excellent Women) and love her, have you read any of hers?

Anonymous said...

I loved "Pilgrim's Inn," liked very much "Bird in the Tree," and did not care for "The Heart of the Family." I read them in that order from the library. I have put "The City of Bells" on hold, although it wouldn't surprise me to find out that I have already read it. ;)


...they call me mommy... said...

Ooooo....looking forward to checking these out! That painting is ADORABLE!

Christiane said...

I love Elizabeth Goudge ! My favorite books are The scent of the water (La senteur de l'eau), The city of bells (La cité des cloches)and "The dean's watch" (L'héritage de M.Peabody) I read E.Goudge in French, my english isn't good enough to read in the original language !

Rebecca said...

Oh shucks! I picked up a couple of Goudge books at the library yesterday but realize mine were my Eileen Goucge! I'll have to start over in my search :)

Morning's Minion said...

Pilgrim's Inn was the first Elizabeth Goudge I read. My Mother acquired a copy when I was in high school. It remains my favorite of the Elliot trilogy. I didn't find Green Dolphin Street 'depressing.' The three manin characters, Marianne, William and Marguerite, each have a tremendous journey of growth to achieve; their lives don't come to any conventional 'happy ending.' As in GDS, The Heart of the Family becomes a bit heavy in places with exploration of the characters' developing spiritual growth, but, I think, never really ponderous.
I've noticed few people mention The White Witch as a favorite--I really appreciate this one, both for the historical setting and for the herbal lore which is necessary to the story.

Heather said...


Thanks for some more insight into Goudge. I will admit that I am going through some major medical trials right now so that may have coloured my view of The Scent of Water. I think I will stick to my happy fluff (i.e. Austen and Heyer) for now and try Goudge again when I am feeling better. ;o)

Heather L. said...

must read some more Goudge soon....am thinking that I need to try to read books from my own shelves next year -- maybe every other one a library book and every other one I have!

Anonymous said...

I must try Goudge again. I quit Green Dolphin Street half way through - the endless introspection drove me crazy!