Monday, October 31, 2011


Summer, Autumn, and Winter trees... in one day

I have been thinking of grace this weekend, partly from the season and after reading some comments from the Sunday Afternoon Tea post.  When thinking about the post, the words "Grace in the Grey Areas" circled around my head all day as if wanting to become an entire volume of thought.

They will not as there is much to do outside this week but I was reminded again of the need to live a life of grace... giving and taking... when it comes to those areas of faith which are not written in black and white.  While there are those statements I hold absolute (the Virgin birth of Christ, the Resurrection, His being The Way and The Truth and The Life, etc.) some things are just not written in stone and we must be willing to give and take.

For instance, I chose not to read the Harry Potter books when Christopher was young but one of my very best friends at the time... a well respected Bible teacher... collected all of them.  We do not "celebrate" Halloween but we did hand out candy when living in a neighborhood.  I have Christian friends who have Halloween parties as well as those who don't believe in going as far as handing out candy to neighbor kids.

I wear slacks and one of my good friends does not.  I watch Science Fiction and have friends who don't believe in watching any television.  I personally do not wear shorts which go above the knee as I used to... a change which came more with a decision for modesty rather than age.  But I have Christian friends who do and that is fine.  None of these decisions have anything reflecting salvation... grace in the gray areas.

Having said that, I also see this time of year as God's grace to those of us who have a difficult time seeing the autumn leave... it was unusually beautiful in our part of the country this year.

As I looked at my surroundings through the lens of the camera, I realized I was seeing a bit of summer and a lot of autumn and an increasing winter landscape... all in this very brief time of year as the leaves are past peak but many continue to hold onto their branches.

It won't be too long before my neighbor's red barn will stand out in a world of white.  I can wait, though.

The view from the front porch is looking more like winter each day, one can easily see into the forest now.  Excuse the trash waiting for pick up.  This is the real world.  :)

I love Grace... I want to live in Grace and have it fall upon my head like the soon coming snow or the heavy rains of spring.  I want to give Grace and take Grace and surround my life with Grace. 

I don't want to be afraid of Grace thinking it will lead me astray... past the gray areas and into that which I should not tread.  There is no fear in Grace if we are holding fast to the Giver of Grace.

That is all that matters.


Susan said...

I love the message of this post. There is far more grace for us - and grace for us to have with each other - than we can properly imagine or administer.

I love the hymn "Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus" ... "o for grace to trust you more." Yes Lord, a huge measure of grace, please.

Thanks for blogging.

Kel said...


Terra said...

Oh Brenda, I too want to be covered in grace, and your fall trees are beautiful.

Vee said...

Oh I'm loving this word especially today. Thank you. What a great picture of summer, autumn, winter trees all standing together. I'm so glad that you enjoyed a spectacular autumn...may it continue for weeks...seems as if you all deserved it!

Ann said...

Exactly ... you have such a neat way of explaining it. Blessings on your day.

cindy said...

I need to let God’s grace fill my heart and soul. We lost our son, Joshua, in November 2003. Since then I have been afraid to fully trust.


Marge said...

Yes, Brenda, we are saved by GRACE alone. Amazing Grace!

Blessings to you!

Angela said...

Beautiful post. As John says, "Perfect love casts out fear." We truly live surrounded by grace, upheld by grace, hoping through grace. And I want to extend that grace to others (even those that live with me -- even myself!). Thank you, Brenda!

Cheri said...

More often than not, meditating on God's Grace brings me to tears.

How, therefore, could I not exhibit grace to others (I am a work in process or as you mentioned the other day PBPGINFWMY).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful autumn pictures!

I always had trouble understanding exactly what Grace means.
Does it mean God will forgive you no matter what you do, if you are sorry?
Or is it a sort of forgiveness in advance for whatever one might do?
Is it God reaches out to us in love because He created us?
Any ideas anyone?

I do know that Grace is more than a pretty, old-fashioned girl's name :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

Grace - how I need it today! Thanks Brenda!


Pen Pen said...

I have learned more about His grace in the past year or so, than I have in my entire life. I'm so glad He loves me, just as I am... Love this post!